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The International English Olympiad is a competition for students from all over the world who have passed an international English language test. This curriculum will challenge students on a local, national, and global level throughout the year. Participants will need to create exciting objects or presentations of concepts related to linguistics, such as grammar and pronunciation for this competition.

The IEO Olympiad Exam Registration Dates are crucial for all students interested in participating in the International English Olympiad Exam. The IEO registration dates are determined by the Science Olympiad Foundation depending on the exam dates. Enrolling students and their schools must keep track of the exam registration dates because interested students can only register for the IEO 2022 exam on behalf of their schools.

The Significant Points of the IEO Examination

It’s interesting to note that any school can become a SOF IEO Level 1 centre. The institution does not have to pay money to become a registered examination centre. A prospectus comprising registration forms is sent to all SOF-registered schools. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF before the deadline, duly filled out and completed. A prospectus is provided to schools that have not yet registered by emailing [email protected]

To meet the examination cost, schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal pay SOF a registration fee of Rs. 125 per student, including GST. The price is waived for students with a severe physical disability or for Indian students whose parents were killed in a military operation. Schools may charge an additional Rs. 25 per learner to cover the in-honorarium, instructor wages, and other expenses.

The overview of the IEO (International English Olympiad) is tabulated below.

Full-Form of IEO

International English Olympiad

Conducting Body

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)



Frequency of Conduct

Once a year

Exam Level


Exam Duration

1 Hour

Mode of Application


Registration Process of IEO Examination

Only students in grades 1 to 12 who wish to take their IEO exams must follow these steps.

  • Only students from SOF-registered schools are eligible to apply. The school will get a prospectus that includes the registration form as part of this registration. The in-charge teacher at the school is responsible for delivering registration forms to all interested students.
  • Schools that have not yet registered with the SOF can get a prospectus by contacting the SOF by phone or email.
  • Students who received a registration form should fill it out and send it to the school as early as possible.
  • After all the students have handed their forms to the school’s In-Charge Teacher, the school authorities or the In-Charge Teacher submit all forms to SOF before the deadline.
  • IEO exam registrations can be sent once for all exams or individually for each exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on IEO Olympiad Exam Registration

What is the procedure for applying to the International English Olympiad?

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is registered through your school. The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), or the organizing body, only accepts student applications on behalf of schools. As a result, if your school is registered with the SOF, you can collect application forms from your school. You must fill out the application form entirely and pay a registration fee of INR 125. Your school may also charge INR 25 for extra expenses, instructor guidance, an honorarium, etc. If your school has not yet registered with the SOF and would like to participate, your school can do so by contacting the SOF by email or phone.

What are the advantages of taking the Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad exams help students improve their reasoning and logical skills. Students have a better understanding of their strengths and potential. These examinations have such a powerful effect on students that they understand they can improve their weaknesses. Olympiads push students to get a better understanding of scientific concepts. It aids in developing a student’s analytic skills and transforming their deficiencies into strengths. Exams at the national and international levels expose students to more significant amounts of information.

Is SOF conducting a two-level IEO examination?

Yes, IEO is divided into two levels: level 1 and level 2. Level 1 examinations are available to students in grades 1 to 12, whereas level 2 examinations are available to students in grades 3 to 12.

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