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The Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) organises the NSEJS.  NSEJS seeks to identify and encourage young pupils with a strong interest in science. The exam was held by the IAPT as an admission examination for the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). The purpose of this exam is to identify young students who have a strong aptitude for science. Every year, in the month of November, the NSEJS test is held.

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The National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS) application process is entirely online. In this post, we’ll go through the specifics of the NSEJS 2021-2022 Application Form.

Application Form for NSEJS 2021-2022

You may obtain the NSEJS 2021-2022 Application Form by following the steps outlined below:

Step-I: You must first identify the nearest NSE test centre in your city or area. The list of all NSE Centres, together with their addresses and contact information, may be found here.

Step-II: After contacting the Centre Coordinator, you will be sent the NSEJS Application Form. You can complete the NSEJS 2021-2022 application form and return it to the Centre Coordinator before the NSEJS Registration deadline.

  • www.iapt.org is the official website of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT)
  • After visiting the home page, click on “National Standard Examination notice” to review the qualifying requirements.
  • Candidates who qualify must register for NSEJS 2021 – 22 using the proper link.
  • Complete the registration process in accordance with the requirements.
  • Upload the relevant papers, and if necessary, pay the application fee.
  • Now bear in mind that the data you supply must be error-free.
  • Send in the information.
  • Finally, print a copy of the registration form for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions on NSEJS Application form 2021-2022


Is it possible to register for the exam while also taking the NSEA?

You must be fully aware about the requirements and guidelines to follow for the NSEJS test before registering and enrolling for it. You are not eligible for NSEJS if you apply for NSEA. You should not apply for NSEAB, NSEP, or NSEC in addition to NSEA.

How can I register for the NSEJS Exam?

To register for the NSEJS test, go to the nearest NSE centre; it can be in the same city or district as you, so that you can quickly go to the exam centre on exam day. The official website of NSE, www.nseindia.com, has a list of all NSE centres, and you may simply find the one closest to you.

How should Junior Science Students prepare for the National Standard Examination in 2022?

Understanding the test format and syllabus is the best approach to study for any exam, whether it’s a school exam or a national or international competitive exam. Then you may put your knowledge to the test using previous year’s papers and simulated exams. You may analyse your skills and shortcomings by putting yourself to the test. You may also interpret the degree of difficulty to have a better grasp of where you are, and as a result, improve your preparation by revising.

Is the syllabus for INO the same?

Yes, the NSEJS curriculum is comparable to that of INOs.

Can students bring a calculator to the NSEJS Exam?

The NSEJS test does not allow you to bring any calculator with you. Certain types of calculators are allowed if you advance to the next level of the test and are qualified for the IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad). The calculators permitted for the INO (Indian National Olympiad) must not feature a graphing mode, no physical constants, no more than three rows of function, and no equations. Even such models should be verified and carried, only with the approval of the centre coordinator.


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