Top 10 Advantages of Online Classes

With the advent of digitalization in the education industry, online classes have become the need of the hour for students across the globe. Online classes offer flexibility and an ample variety of academic opportunities, such as studying from any location with affordable fees, saving time and money. The advantages of online classes are immense. Students can enjoy the benefits of online classes which they might not be able to while attending traditional classes due to several reasons. Here we bring you the advantages of online education and how you can benefit from it.

What are the Benefits of Online Classes for Students?

Online learning has emerged as a mandatory resource for students all over the world. Most of us are aware that online classes are a completely different experience from the traditional classroom set-up. Want to know how? Why are so many students transitioning from the traditional brick and mortar kind of classes to online classes? Given below are some advantages of online learning and why it is an exciting opportunity for you to consider:

1. The “Home” Advantage

Digital learning has made learning interesting and fun for students. Earlier, students had two options – either they would travel daily to and from the coaching classes or they would compromise with a local tutor who may not be that great in teaching. But not anymore! Now, you can learn from the best online classes under the guidance of the highest-rated teachers.

Learning from anywhere would not have been possible without the emergence of the internet and its amazing connectivity throughout the nation. Thanks to the digital era, you can now learn from the comfort of your home through BYJU’S online classes.

2. Escape the Traffic

Online classes have eliminated the necessity of travelling daily to attend coaching classes, that too after school! You aren’t required to face the rush hour traffic. Instead, you can have a glass of water or milk, freshen up and start learning at the convenience of your home.

Travelling long distances to and from coaching classes can be quite exhausting. Online study classes rendered by BYJU’S not only eradicates the need to face the traffic every day but also lets you get the advantage of learning under expert guidance.

3. Saves your Time and Money

A lot of time and money used to be spent on conveyance. One of the key advantages of virtual classrooms is that you can save your energy, time and money. You can take some time to refresh yourself. Isn’t it a much more convenient and effective way of learning? Of course, it is!

4. Best Online Guidance

Trustable guidance is extremely helpful during the school-going age of students. In this cut-throat competitive era, everyone wants to be the best. While our students get tutored by India’s best teachers and subject-matter experts, we ensure that we put in our 101% effort for the success of our students through 24×7 assistance.

BYJU’S online teachers also assist students in their major assignments and homework. Individual attention on students lets the teachers frame a suitable teaching methodology for each student.

5. Instant Doubt Resolution

One of the most important advantages of online learning is that you can clarify your doubts instantly on the spot with the online teacher. In conventional learning methodologies, you need to wait for the next day to get your doubts clarified. Moreover, through BYJU’S online classes, we give one-on-one mentor guidance to our students. This facilitates instant doubt resolution.

6. Increased Convenience and Flexibility

The importance of online classes are that they are much more convenient and flexible as compared to traditional learning platforms. This flexibility allows you to balance your school work, family obligations, while also excelling in your studies. It also enables you to access additional courses and pursue hobbies too.

With BYJU’S online classes, you can enjoy learning whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to rush from one topic to another without getting a complete understanding of the current topic of discussion.

7. Enhances Self-Discipline

As a matter of fact, succeeding in online classes requires self-discipline among students. As you progress with online classes, you don’t need a teacher to push you to complete an assignment. Neither will your parents, nor will your friend remind you during the start of the week to deliver the tasks on time. Once you’ve developed interest in online classes, you tend to log in by yourself and participate in the discussions without being persuaded to do so. Online classes tend to keep you updated about the latest advancements or reforms in education and prevent you from being lazy or you might lag behind otherwise.

By taking online classes, you strengthen your self-discipline in other aspects of your life such as physical fitness, mental stability and even build better relationships.

8. Optimises focus

We know it’s never easy to focus in traditional classes for a long period of time. Sometimes, you tend to become tired and lose interest quickly. There may be several distractions which may not allow you to concentrate fully on your studies and your mind wanders hither and thither. More often, we have noticed that students find it difficult to pay attention in a loud and noisy environment.

Hence, with online classes it’s much easier for you to focus on what you’re doing. You can concentrate and study in the right environment. You can simply wear a pair of headphones if your surroundings are distracting. As you interact with BYJU’S online teachers, your mind won’t easily wander off to a different topic. Besides, you can choose to study at a time when you feel the freshest. Therefore, if you’re struggling to concentrate in traditional classes, online classes might be an ideal option for you.

9. Networking Opportunities

One of the best advantages of online education is that it provides you a chance to network with your peers across the nation or even different countries. This opens an array of other opportunities in terms of collaboration with other students to implement a project. Meanwhile, online learning also makes you culturally sensitive and accustoms you to be able to fit into other environments easily when exposed to other cultures.

10. Learn from the App

BYJU’S provides an online learning app through which students can re-watch recorded classes, practise exercises, re-read the comments of peer discussion for better understanding and take the time they need to master all the concepts. Read on to know more about the online classes app.

To conclude, online learning has an edge over traditional classes and it should be seen as an added advantage over other forms of learning. Want to learn more about why online learning can be a beneficial option for you? We have listed some of the best advantages of online classes above. Meanwhile, you can enrol to the BYJU’S online classes and feel the difference yourself. You can also get in touch with our academic counsellors for more information. Come, fall in love with Learning with BYJU’S!


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