Live Online Classes for Students by Experienced Teachers

We are offering Live Online Classes for students on all the major subjects of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. These online coaching classes are conducted by India’s best teachers who are thoroughly trained and experienced.

A lot of students and parents are searching for the most effective learning classes online. We at BYJU’S – India’s most loved online classes app are here at your disposal. We bring to you the best live online classes from the most experienced teachers. We have a vast network of trained teachers who conduct online tuition classes through interactive videos and impart proper guidance to students.

Who are these Live Online Classes for?

We have online classes for kids as well as students of secondary and senior secondary school.

Being India’s best online class app, the online high school classes provided by BYJU’S have received an amazing response from the students and parents. Students of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards across the country are getting the benefits of online classes.

Today, classroom learning might not be enough for school students. Online coaching classes by BYJU’S teachers encourage the students to have an in-depth understanding of the different concepts.

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What are the benefits of live online classes for students?

1. The “Home” Advantage

Earlier, students had two options- either they would travel daily to and from the coaching classes or they would compromise with a local tutor who may not be that great in teaching. But not anymore. Now, students can learn from the best online classes under the guidance of the highest-rated teachers.

Learning from anywhere would not have been possible without the emergence of the internet and its amazing connectivity throughout the nation. Thanks to the digital era, students can now learn from the comfort of their homes through BYJU’S online classes.

2. Escape the Traffic

Online classes have eliminated the necessity of travelling daily for attending coaching classes, that too after school! Students aren’t required to face the rush hour traffic. Instead, they can have a glass of water or milk, freshen up and start learning from home. Travelling long distances to and from coaching classes can be a little tiresome. Online study classes rendered by BYJU’S not only eradicates the need to face the traffic every day but also lets you get the advantage of learning under expert guidance.

3. Save your Time and Money

A lot of time and money used to be spent on conveyance. However, with online classes, students can save that time and money. They can take some time to refresh themselves. Isn’t it a much more convenient and effective way of learning?

4. Best Online Guidance

Trustable guidance is extremely helpful during the school-going age of students. In this cut-throat competitive era, everyone wants to be the best. While our students get tutored by India’s best teachers and subject-matter experts, we ensure that we put in our 101% effort for the success of our students through 24×7 assistance.

BYJU’S online teachers can also assist students in their major assignments and homework. Individual attention on students lets the teachers frame a suitable teaching methodology for each student.

5. Instant Doubt Resolution

In conventional learning methodologies, students have to wait for the next day to get their doubts clarified. But through our online classes, we give one-on-one mentor guidance to our students. This facilitates instant doubt resolution.

6. Increased Convenience and Flexibility

Online tuition classes are much more convenient and flexible as compared to traditional learning platforms. This flexibility allows the students to balance their school work, their family obligations, while also excelling in their students. It also enables students to access more courses.

With BYJU’S online classes, students can enjoy learning whenever and wherever they wish. They don’t need to rush from one topic to another without getting a complete hold on the current topic of discussion.

7. Learn from the App

BYJU’S provides an online learning app through which students can re-watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, re-read peer discussion comments, and take the time they need to master all the concepts. Read on to know more about the online classes app.

8. BYJU’S Online Classes App

Students also get 24×7 assistance through our BYJU’S online classes app. BYJU’S learning app is the most downloaded and loved learning app. Inside the app, students get access to brilliant learning materials, recorded video lessons, interactive quizzes, etc. which have proven to be highly beneficial for our students.

Through this online classes app, students can learn on the go. There’s no need to wait for anything. Just open the app, and start practising the concepts at any time. The self-explanatory videos and adaptive tests make BYJU’S online learning app the perfect companion for students who want to excel. Our CBSE online classes are specially curated by our team of subject-matter experts.

Why choose BYJU’S online classes?

With BYJU’S live online classes for students, gone are the days when learning was possible only through face-to-face interaction. Now, no student would have to lag behind others because of a lack of expert guidance.

Online classes for students offer them the opportunity to learn from the best teachers in the country, no matter where they reside. There is no limitation on time or place. Students get personalized attention, along with the facility of instant doubt resolution.

Are you looking out for the best online classes for students? BYJU’S – India’s best online class app is the most preferred and recommended learning app. Free online classes demo is also available for the students. Get online classes for kids of primary classes as well as online classes for students of higher classes. What are you waiting for? Register yourself for the free demo now and experience the joy of learning!

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