Best-in-class Online Classes for Students

Online Classes for students are offered by BYJU’S for all the major subjects of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. These online coaching classes are conducted by India’s best teachers who are thoroughly trained and experienced. Given the uber-competitive era and digitalization of education, online classes for kids have become the need of the hour.

A lot of students and parents are searching for the most effective online classes app to boost their learning. Students can check out India’s best online classes app – BYJU’S to achieve the best results in their exams. We at BYJU’S – India’s most loved learning app, are here at your disposal. We bring to you the best online classes from the most experienced teachers.

Through the BYJU’S online classes app, students can learn on the go. There’s no need to wait for anything. Just open the app, and start practising the concepts at any time. The self-explanatory videos and adaptive tests make BYJU’S online learning app the perfect companion for students who want to excel. 

Who are these Live Online Classes for?

BYJU’S online classes include online classes for kids as well as students of secondary and senior secondary school.  The online high school classes provided by us have received an amazing response from the students and parents. Students of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards across the country are getting the benefits of online tuition classes

Today, classroom learning might not be enough for school students. Being India’s most preferred and best online classes app, our online coaching classes are conducted by highly experienced teachers who encourage the students to have an in-depth understanding of the different concepts.

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What makes BYJU’S Live Online Classes different?

  • Through BYJU’S online classes program, you get to study from India’s top teachers and get a conceptual understanding of all the subjects. 
  • These virtual classes occur as per a fixed schedule plus you have weekend and weekday batches to choose from. This ensures regular study and ease. 
  • You get to learn at your own pace and convenience with our 24×7 accessible BYJU’S learning app. 
  • Get all your doubts cleared instantly during and after the online classes by BYJU’S teachers and mentors.
  • You will receive one-on-one mentor guidance to ensure constant support. Students and their parents can also keep a track of academic progress by the comprehensive monthly progress report.
  • With additional support, you can refine your weak concepts through our personalized extra classes. These extra classes will be conducted in accordance with your requirement. 

How to attend a Free Online Class Demo?

Step 1: Click on the Free Online Class Demo registration link. 

Step 2: Once you have registered yourself, you can select and confirm any particular time slot for getting your free class at your convenience.

Step 3: Each free Demo class is of one-hour duration. 

Step 4: Join the class on time and learn from India’s best teachers.

Step 5: You can get all your doubts clarified instantly by our teachers during the class. 

Step 6: Post the free online class, you can revise the concepts you learned through the homework that is provided to you. 

BYJU’S Online Classes App

Students also get 24×7 assistance through our BYJU’S online classes app. BYJU’S learning app is the most downloaded and loved learning app. Inside the app, students get access to brilliant learning materials, recorded video lessons, interactive quizzes, etc. which have proven to be highly beneficial for our students. 

With BYJU’S live online classes and online home tuition for students, gone are the days when learning was possible only through face-to-face interaction. Now, no student would have to lag behind others because of a lack of expert guidance. 

Online tuition classes for students offer them the opportunity to learn from the best teachers in the country, no matter where they reside. There is no limitation to time or place. Students get personalized attention, along with the facility of instant doubt resolution.

Are you looking out for the best CBSE online classes for students? BYJU’S – India’s best online class app is the most preferred and recommended learning app. Free online classes demo is also available for the students. Get online classes for kids of primary classes as well as online classes for students of higher classes. What are you waiting for? Register yourself for the free demo now and experience the joy of learning!


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