Parabola Graph Calculator

Parabola graph calculator is a free online tool used to obtain the graph for the given parabolic equation. BYJU’S online parabola graph calculator is simple, easy to use and access. Enter the parabolic equation in the input field, and the tool will display the graph for the given equation in the output field.

To recall, a parabola is a plane curve and is approximately U – Shaped. A parabola is a conic section that is obtained when the right circular cone surface and plane intersects. In other words, a parabola is a locus of points in a plane surface that should be equidistant from the locus and the directrix.

Enter the general form of the parabolic equation: y = ax2+ bx + c. Once the parabolic equation is entered in the tool, it will display the parabolic graph in a fraction of seconds.

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