Types of Transformers

Types of Transformers

There various types of transformers used in power systems for generation, distribution, transmission and utilization of electrical power.

Some types of transformers is listed below:

  • Step up transformer
  • Step down transformer
  • Power transformer
  • Distribution transformer
  • Instrument transformer comprising current and
  • Potential transformer
  • Single phase
  • Three phase

Step up transformer

It increases the voltage source from primary to secondary.

Step down transformer

It is used to reduce the AC current. In this, the primary voltage is greater than the secondary voltage.

Power transformer

These are used to transmit high voltages. At a very higher voltage, the power can be changed according to desired level by stepping it down with the help of a step down transformer because power cannot be distributed to the consumer directly.

Distribution transformer

These are used in the distribution of network. It does voltage transformation of the electrical energy and power by stepping down the voltage suitable for consumer needs. They are classified into three types according to:

  • Mounting location-Pad mount, pole mount, underground
  • Insulation type-dry type, liquid immersed
  • Nature of supply-three phase, single phase

Instrument transformer

These are used for prevention of damage by safe isolation of secondary winding where other instruments are connected when the primary experiences high voltage. These are of two types current transformers and potential transformers.

Current transformer

These types of transformer are used if the current is high for applying in a measuring instrument, the high current has to be transformed into the required value of current favourable for the circuit.

Potential transformer

The core function of this transformer in electrical circuit is for stepping down the voltage level into a safer value. That is why it is also called as voltage transformer.

Single Phase transformer

This is used for transferring AC power from one electric circuit to another when the level of frequency is constant and voltage level varies. Here, the load is connected in the secondary winding and the current supply is provided in the primary winding.

Three Phase transformer

Here, 3 single phase transformers are connected with each other in which, their primary winding winding in connected together and the same is done with the secondary winding too.

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