Punjab Board Class 5 Textbooks 2021-22

Class 5 is an age, when children do not understand the seriousness of studying hard or of the role that education plays in one’s life, later on. Keeping this in mind, the Punjab Board Class 5 Textbooks for Maths and EVS is designed based on the pseb 5th class syllabus and catering to the learning capability of the child. Students can refer to the PSEB Class 5 textbooks of the main subjects such as Maths and EVS to prepare for the final exams.

PSEB Class 5 Maths Textbooks

Punjab Board Class 5 Maths Textbook, is also known as Math-Magic. The pseb 5th class math book is developed to engage class 5 students and so covers topics like “The Fish Tale, Be My Multiple, I’ll Be Your Factor, Boxes and Sketches, How Big? How Heavy?” and so on.

PSEB Class 5 EVS Textbooks

Punjab Board Class 5 EVS Textbook, named “Looking Around” covers a wide range of topics such as “Super Senses, Every Drop Counts, Up You Go!, Blow Hot, Blow Cold, On the Move Again and more.

For the convenience of the students, we have given the downloadable links for PDFs in English and Hindi Language both. Class 5 students can access the links from the pages linked below:

PSEB Class Textbooks- Maths and EVS

Punjab Board Class 5 Maths Textbook
Punjab Board Class 5 EVS Textbook

PSEB Class Textbooks- Languages and Other Subjects

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