Punjab Board Class 5 EVS Textbooks

The National Curriculum Framework 2005 recommends that a child’s education must be linked to everyday activity in their life. Hence, the PSEB Syllabus and the Punjab Board Class 5 EVS Textbooks designed with this in mind attempts to discourage the legacy of bookish learning.

Take the example from chapter 4 of the book. Here, via the story of mamidi tandra, children understand the techniques and skills involved in preservation and cooking. Likewise, Chapter 7 has experiments with water, which are related to their daily life. Meanwhile, some other topics covered also include Super Senses, Seeds and Seeds, A Treat for Mosquitoes, A Shelter So High, On the Move Again and more.

Punjab Board students of Class 5 can access the EVS textbooks in English and Hindi, from here.

Download PSEB Class 5 EVS Textbooks

We also provide the chapter names of the PSEB Class 5 EVS Textbook in English here:

PSEB Class 5 EVS Textbook Chapter Names

Chapter 1- Super Senses

Chapter 2- A Snake Charmer’s Story

Chapter 3- From Tasting to Digesting

Chapter 4- Mangoes Round The Year

Chapter 5- Seeds and Seeds

Chapter 6- Every Drop Counts

Chapter 7- Experiments with Water

Chapter 8- A Treat For Mosquitoes

Chapter 9- Up You Go!

Chapter 10- Walls Tells Stories

Chapter 11- Sunita In Space

Chapter 12- What if it finishes…….?

Chapter 13- A Shelter So High!

Chapter 14- When The Earth Shook!

Chapter 15- Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Chapter 16- Who Will Do This Work?

Chapter 17- Across The Wall

Chapter 18- No Place For Us?

Chapter 19- A Seed Tells A Farmer’s Story

Chapter 20- Whose Forests?

Chapter 21- Like Father, Like Daughter

Chapter 22- On the Move Again

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