Punjab Class 11

Education works to impart knowledge of the world to the people and thus further their socio-cultural or intellectual development. It’s also seen that most of the educational boards work towards this. Formed in November, 1969, the Punjab State Educational Board is a self-governing body that is entirely responsible for the growth and promotion of school education amongst the people of the state, Punjab. It was started due to the efforts of a legislative enactment. Their aim was to bring education to all sects of people, even those in the grass root level. The PSEB or Punjab Educational Board also works to inculcate a sense of responsibility within the students of Punjab Board Class 11 as they realise the significance of Class 11 in a student’s life.

Why Ace in Punjab Class 11?

Now, the Punjab Educational Boards have well- known subject experts on all topics who work together to create effective resources and useful educational materials for Punjab Board Class 11 students, so that they can ace in their 11th standard and thus get a proper foundation to move ahead with their studies and later the career. With lakhs of students appearing for the tenth and 12th board exams, it is possible that quite a few numbers may fail. In such cases, the students who fail the 12th will also be able to reappear for the exams and thus are given another chance to pass.

Acing in the Punjab State Board 11th Class will help students. It will help students have a strong foundation for Class 12. Students can also select the subject they want to specialise on based on their career plans or higher education.

So now to get BYJU’s downloadable resources like the Punjab School Education Board Syllabus for 11th Class.  Here, in this article we have also provided the links to access the study materials or reference docs as prescribed for the PSEB Class 11 by the board.

Punjab Board Class 11 Syllabus
Model Question Papers for Class 11 Punjab State Board
Punjab Class 11 Textbooks
Previous Class 11 Question Papers and Answers Punjab Board


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