Punjab Board Class 12

The Punjab School Education Board designs the courses, sets the syllabus, and conducts the exams for class 12 in addition to granting affiliations to educational institutes in the state. It works under the auspices of the state government. The PSEB also runs model schools across the state and supports other institutions under its purview by providing direction and leadership. PSEB is also in charge of conducting the board exams for Classes 10 and 12. Punjab Board Class 12 is a very crucial year for the students.

Punjab Board Class 12 Exams

The board exams for Class 12 usually happen in the month of March and goes on for about four weeks. Most Science subjects have separate theory and viva or practical exams with 70% and 30% weightage respectively. This year the Class 12 exams were conducted from 22nd March to 27th April 2023. The board places high emphasis on preparing the students for higher studies, and as a result, the question papers are designed to test the conceptual understanding of the subjects.

PSEB Class 12 Study Materials

Punjab Board Class 12 Syllabus
Punjab Board Class 12 Question Papers
Punjab Board Class 12 Textbooks
Punjab Board Class 12 Model Papers
Punjab Board Class 12 Date-Sheet 
Punjab Board Class 12 Results 

Just like in other parts of the country, Class 12 exams are considered to be extremely important in shaping the career of the students. As the marks scored in these exams form the sole factor in determining admission to various professional courses including Engineering and Medicine, students approach these exams with heightened interest and rigor. They also solve the PSEB 12th last year papers to get an overview of the exam pattern.

Practice and Preparations for Class 12 Exams of Punjab Board

Students of Class 12 begin their preparations early and it usually starts with obtaining and understanding of the PSEB syllabus. The next step is to acquire various resources such as prescribed text books, additional reference materials, question papers from previous exams, and marking scheme of every subject.

At BYJU’S, we strive to make it easier for the students and provide all of these resources in addition to practice question papers and time table.

Understanding the marking scheme forms the crux of planning and strategizing for the crucial Class 12 exams. A thorough analysis of marks allocation to each of the topics and the distribution of objective, short-answer, essay type questions, enables the students to optimize their time and energy.

Since most science subjects have viva or practical exams, students pay extra attention to the topics that involve the experiments and the complex calculations that come with it.

Stay tuned and get access to study material like the PSEB books here at BYJU’S. 


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