Punjab Class 8

Punjab School Education Board is responsible for conducting the school exams for Class 1 to 12 in the Punjab state of India. This PSEB board is similar to the other CBSE & ICSE Exam boards. The headquarters of PSEB(Punjab School Education Board) is located in SAS Nagar (Mohali). PSEB Class 8 is also a very significant year for the students, with the education board in charge of its operations and resources.

A brief overview of Punjab Class 8 Board Exam

At this stage, students need to be creative. Explore new topics and tackle challenging school work. They should think in deep about a topic of Punjab Board Class 8 and try to reconnect it with whatever knowledge they have acquired till now. We are providing all the essential information regarding the Punjab Board Class 8 exam that will help the students to plan the entire year effectively. One such effective resource is the PSEB books free download.

PSEB Syllabus of 8th Class 

A very effective resource, the PSEB Class 8 syllabus contains course description of each subject that will be taught in Class 8 of Punjab Board. It also gives information about the grading system and marking scheme of the Class 8 paper.

PSEB Class 8 Previous Year Question Paper

The previous year papers help the students identify their strong and weak areas and thus to prepare well for the exams, accordingly. Solving the Previous years PSEB Class 8 Question Papers will also help them to understand the important topics, weightage and marks distribution. To pass the exams and to get more practice, students can also refer to PSEB 8th Class sample paper 2020-21.  

Punjab Class 8 Board Textbooks 

Punjab Board Textbooks play a very crucial role in every student’s education as it will help them to get a thorough knowledge about the basics of the subject. It explains even the most difficult concept in an easy-to-understand manner.

Functions of Punjab School Education Board

Duties of the Punjab School Education Board include:

  • Smooth conduct of school exam at Middle, Matriculation & Senior Secondary Level.
  • Design curriculum, courses of studies & textbooks for Punjab board.
  • Prepare & revise the syllabus as per the latest pattern & provide textbook accordingly.
  • To acts as an advisory body to the state government for taking qualitative improvement in school education.

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