Punjab Class 8

Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is responsible for conducting the school exams for Class 1 to 12 in the Punjab state of India. This PSEB board is similar to the other CBSE & ICSE Exam boards. The headquarters of PSEB is located in SAS Nagar (Mohali).

Functions of Punjab School Education Board

Duties of the Punjab School Education Board includes:

  • Smooth conduct of school exam at Middle, Matriculation & Senior Secondary Level.
  • Design curriculum, courses of studies & textbooks for Punjab board.
  • Prepare & revise the syllabus as per the latest pattern & provide textbook accordingly.
  • To acts as an advisory body to the state government for taking qualitative improvement in school education.

A brief overview of Punjab Class 8 Board Exam

At this stage, you need to be creative. Explore new topics & tackle challenging school work. You should think in deep about a topic of Punjab Board Class 8 & try to reconnect it with whatever knowledge you acquired till now. We are providing all the essential information regarding the Punjab Board Class 8 exam that will help you to plan the entire year in an effective way. One such effective resource is the pseb syllabus of 8th class. Go through the link below & know the details:

Skills Need to be Developed in Punjab Board of 8th Standard

A student studying in the 8th standard of Punjab Board is expected to learn the following things by the end of the year. Therefore go through these points carefully & plan your Class 8 learning interesting.

  1. Explore & Research by yourself: Use different methods to research about topics such as reading books, articles, posting on Quora, educational videos etc. Try to different study technique like creating mind maps or some activity that helps you process teh information is a simplified way.
  2. Be a self-learner: You all must have heard from your teachers, parents & mentors that self-study is the best method of learning. And it’s really true. You must have realized that when you resolve your doubt by yourself through rigorous research, then you remember it for a long time. Otherwise, you forget the same in a short interval of time
  3. Share your thought with your friend circle: Whenever you meet with your friends then have a conversation about what new you have learned. In this, way you will get to know the various ways of solving a problem.

We hope that you found the above information useful. In Case you have any doubt or wants to know anything related to studies then do let us know in the comment section.

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