PSEB Model Test Paper

Introduction to PSEB

In November 1969, Punjab School Education Board was established through legislative enactment. Its primary role was to impact quality school education in the state of Punjab. PSEB has many responsibilities and functions, such as providing affiliation with the board for schools, conducting board examination for matriculation and senior secondary level.

Why Should You Analyze PSEB Model Test Paper?

Even though these model papers are only for reference, they still provide valuable insight into the pattern of exam and the type of questions being asked. Furthermore, for a class 10 student, practising PSEB 10th class model test paper is of paramount importance because class 10 is considered a focal point in the student’s career.

Also, class 12 students should consider practising previous years papers, starting with PSEB model test paper 12 class 2017. The stakes are even higher for class 12 students as the marks they score directly influence any potential career and academic opportunities. Besides this, practising model question papers are considered as an effective learning strategy as helps the students to cement their learning and gain deeper insight into various concepts.

Class 10 Maths Model Test Paper
Class 10 Science Model Test Paper
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Class 12 Chemistry Model Test Paper
Class 12 Biology Model Test Paper
Class 12 Maths Model Test Paper


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