Punjab Board Class 10 Textbooks- Maths and Science

Textbooks are one of the essential tools for students to excel in their examinations, especially board examinations. The board aims and encourages students to gather information from textbooks and imbibe into learning instead of rote learning methodologies. Punjab Board Class 10 Textbooks are to be considered as the sole basis for examinations.

Class 10 Maths

Mathematics is a science of numbers and operations. It finds its relevance in our day to day life. It not only is important from exam point of view but also in solving complex problems. The class 10 Maths books give a deep understanding of the topics, which is required to be known by a student to solve different variations of problems.

Class 10 Science

Science textbooks are also a vital tool for any student, and if you have an upcoming board examination, it becomes a mandate of sorts. Textbooks cover all the information that is essential for students from exam point of view for a particular subject without going over the top. These books have been developed after much introspection. The board makes sure regular revisions of textbooks are done for students to be updated about all the latest around them in matters of science and technology.

Click here to download revised mathematics and science textbook by the Punjab Board (PSEB) for students of 10th class.

Significance of PSEB Class 10 Textbooks

Here, we stress how important the textbooks are for a class 10 student. Why is it so? See, from below:

  • A good textbook conveys the matter in depth
  • Explain even complex concepts in an easy to understand the language
  • Data and facts are presented in an engaging and interesting manner
  • Give relevant examples on how to solve a problem properly or in a different manner

Further updated details and exhaustible link of study materials for class 10 of Punjab Board is available at BYJU’S.

Practise This Question

Imagine a gravity free laboratory, in outer space, where you are asked to study the motions of a large number of marbles kept in a transparent cubical jar, as you give the jar quick, small jerks in random directions. You will observe, that after giving a sufficient number of jerks, the marbles start moving rather chaotically, i.e., each marble bounces off other marbles every now and then, and takes a random trajectory between two points due to these collisions. You seem to have given some kinetic energy to each marble, when the jar was being shaken. What happens when you release the jar suddenly, leaving it suspended in space? Assume all collisions between the marbles to be perfectly elastic.