Punjab Board Class 11 Syllabus

A student who wants to top in Class 11 Punjab Board exam will find the Punjab Board Class 11 Syllabus highly beneficial. Students will be better prepared to deal with Punjab Board 11th grade as they will have a clearer indication of the assignments and tests they are expected to give in during the academic year. A well-designed syllabus will take into account the importance of students’ participation in creating it and will try to make it as interactive as possible, roping in students to give their suggestions. Knowing the PSEB Class 11 Syllabus for all the subjects is the best way to prepare most efficiently for the board exams.

PSEB Class 11 Syllabus 2020-21

Find the downloadable PDFs for Class 11 Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry Syllabus in the table given below:

Punjab Class 11 Maths 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Class 11 Physics 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Class 11 Chemistry 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Class 11 Biology 2021-22 Syllabus

Meanwhile, the PSEB Class 11 Commerce Stream is also given below:

We at BYJU’S also provide the earlier Syllabus for PSEB class 11. Students can view the complete syllabus from the link below:

Download Old Pattern Punjab Board Class 11 Syllabus PDF

Scheme OF Studies For Class XI (Senior Secondary)

Compulsory Subjects:

  1. General English
  2. General Punjabi


Punjab History and Culture

  1. Environmental Education (Grading Subject)
  2. Computer Science (Grading Subject)


In addition to the compulsory subjects every candidate will be offered any of the following groups:

Group I Humanities

Every candidate can any three elective subjects from the following:

1.Language (anyone)

(i) Punjabi (Elective)

(ii) Hindi



2. Classical/Foreign Language (anyone)

(i) Sanskrit

(ii) Arabic OR



3. History

4. Economics

5. Mathematics

6. Business Organisation and Management

7. Book –Keeping and Accountancy

8. Political Science

9. Sociology

10. Public Administration

11. Philosophy

12. Education

13. Religion

14. Music(Vocal)

15. Gurmat Sangeet

16. Music (Instrumental)

17. Dance ( Tabla)

18. Dance

19. Philosophy

20. Geography

21. Defence Studies

22. Psychology

23. Home Science

24. Modelling and Sculpture

25. Geometrical Perspective and Architectural Drawing

26. Commercial Art

27. Drawing and Painting

28. Computer Application

29. History and Appreciation of Art

30. Physical Education and Sport

31. Rural Development and Environment

32. Media Studies

Group II Science

Every student is required to do these subjects:

1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Biology Or Mathematics

Additional subjects offered to the students are from the following:

(i) Geography

(ii) Home Science

(iii) Agriculture

(iv) Biology or Mathematics

(v) Computer Application

(vi) Economics

Group III Commerce

All 4 Subjects mentioned below are compulsory:

1. Business Studies-II

2. Accountancy II

3. Business Economics & Quantitative Methods-II

4. Fundamentals of E-Business

Students can also take up an additional subject from the ones given here:

(a) Computer Application

(b) Mathematics

Group IV Agriculture Group

1. Agriculture

2. & 3. Any two of the following:

(i) Physics

(ii) Chemistry

(iii) Economics

(iv) Rural Development & Environment

(v) Geography

A candidate can also take an additional subject out of the following:

(a) Mathematics

(b) Computer Applications

Students can also access the inter 1st year model papers of AP Board from BYJU’S. 

Significance of the Punjab State Board Syllabus for Class 11

Class 11 Syllabus is not just so that the students can know about what they can expect from a course, but it also so that they can prepare themselves ahead of time and also know how things can be managed at a particular course. Punjab Class 11, especially is a time when a lot of new subjects are introduced, and for the fact that the academic year is going to be complete, it is better for students to know how they can manage time in a more organized manner. Meanwhile, find below some important things to know about Punjab Board Class 11:

  • The first thing that can be seen in a syllabus is the required aspects of course( there is no way to avoid this)
  • See the sections, topics, components that are given in a Syllabus
  • Now, get details on a course with the separate syllabus for each subject
  • A good syllabus will tell what is expected from a student in the form of group or solo assignments, tests to give and so on
  • Details about course duration with exact demarcation given for subjects with time assigned for covering particular topics and sub-topics

For a student, this is helpful, as they can probably study ahead and finish off part of the assignments or projects ahead of time, as this will also give them more time to study and revise for the 11th Punjab Board exams.

Students can visit BYJU’S to get more details about the Punjab Board and its free study materials like the pseb 12 question paper.


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