Punjab Board Class 12 Syllabus

In its endeavour to impart quality education, the Punjab Board of Secondary Education strictly adheres to the guidelines set by the National Curriculum Framework – 2005. As a result, the Punjab Board Class 12 Syllabus achieves the perfect balance of attaining the right depth of the topics covered without burdening the students too much.

Another aspect of the syllabus developed by the board is the stress on understanding the subjects from an application perspective without reducing them to mere ‘facts’. This approach is also visible in their exam pattern that allocates 30% weightage to practical tests. Students can refer to the PSEB Class 12 Syllabus for the main subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

PSEB Class 12 Syllabus 2021-22

The PSEB 12th Class syllabus also gives due importance to key developments in the fields of Science and Mathematics by seamlessly integrating them into the curriculum. It also aims to make the entire learning process enjoyable.

Punjab Board Class 12 Physics 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Board Class 12 Chemistry 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Board Class 12 Biology 2021-22 Syllabus
Punjab Board Class 12 Maths 2021-22 Syllabus

We also provide the PSEB Class 12 Syllabus for the commerce stream in the links below:

Meanwhile, we provide a PDF of the entire syllabus, where the students can get the stream wise details of all the subjects and practical classes for Punjab Board Class 12.

Meanwhile, students can also get an overview of the entire Punjab Board 12th Class Syllabus of old pattern here.

Download PSEB Class 12 All Subjects Old Pattern Complete PDF

Scheme of Studies For Class XII (Senior Secondary)

Compulsory Subjects:

  1. General English
  2. General PunjabiOrPunjab History and Culture
  3. Environmental Education (Grading Subject)
  4. Computer Science (Grading Subject)


In addition to the compulsory subjects every candidate will be offered any of the following groups:

Group I Humanities

Every candidate can any three elective subjects from the following:

1.Language (anyone)

(i) Punjabi (Elective)\

(ii) Hindi



2. Classical/Foreign Language (anyone)

(i) Sanskrit

(ii) Arabic OR



3. History

4. Economics

5. Mathematics

6. Business Organisation and Management

7. Book –Keeping and Accountancy

8. Political Science

9. Sociology

10. Public Administration

11. Philosophy

12. Education

13. Religion

14. Music(Vocal)

15. Gurmat Sangeet

16. Music (Instrumental)

17. Dance ( Tabla)

18. Dance

19. Philosophy

20. Geography

21. Defence Studies

22. Psychology

23. Home Science

24. Modelling and Sculpture

25. Geometrical Perspective and Architectural Drawing

26. Commercial Art

27. Drawing and Painting

28. Computer Application

29. History and Appreciation of Art

30. Physical Education and Sport

31. Rural Development and Environment

32. Media Studies

Group II Science

Every student is required to do these subjects:

1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Biology Or Mathematics

Additional subjects offered to the student are from the following:

(i) Geography

(ii) Home Science

(iii) Agriculture

(iv) Biology or Mathematics

(v) Computer Application

(vi) Economics

Group III Commerce

All 4 Subjects mentioned below are compulsory:

1. Business Studies-II

2. Accountancy II

3. Business Economics & Quantitative Methods-II

4. Fundamentals of E-Business

Students can also take up an additional subject from the ones given here:

(a) Computer Application

(b) Mathematics

Group IV Agriculture Group

1. Agriculture

2. & 3. Any two of the following:

(i) Physics

(ii) Chemistry

(iii) Economics

(iv) Rural Development & Environment

(v) Geography

A candidate can also take an additional subject out of the following:

(a) Mathematics

(b) Computer Application

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