Class 10 Punjab board 2018-2019 | Mathematics & Science - Syllabus, Textbooks, Question papers

Punjab School Education board (P.S.E.B) centered in Chandigarh, was founded in 1969 under an act of Government of Punjab. The board is under a Chairmanship reporting to the Secretary of school education whose term duration is three years. It’s main aim is to provide quality and world class education enabling students to achieve success in all suspects of academia. Along with a focus on the educational sphere,pseb also maintains a healthy balance in various other aspects of a student’s life such as government aided scholarships and extra curricular programs.

PSEB is one of the highly coveted boards . It was granted autonomy in 1987 by the Vidhana Sabha. It facilitates various programs to fuel students’ all round developmental growth promoting academics too. The board offers the following:

  • Takes appropriate measures to ensure swift operation of all examinations conducted at all its levels – lower, middle , primary and higher primary levels.
  • Advocates course of content and text books. It governs its academic wing having experts in all core subjects, which aims at reviewing syllabus consistently and then publishing corresponding textbooks.
  • Aids and looks into affiliation processes of schools to PSEB and hence their recognition.
  • Provides support, direction and leadership to educational institutions
  • Continuously aims at imparting education par excellence with conglomeration of different educational programs.

Syllabus is also provided by us. Syllabus serves as a key ingredient in a student’s life. Without having knowledge of topics and its subtopics students find themselves in a very challenging position. For class 10 students especially having a copy of syllabus within reach becomes an obligation. Some of its benefits are:

  • Outlines an effective frame of learning to be followed
  • Draws focus on essential topics and helps in omission of lesser important topics
  • Explains the learning outcomes of a topic at a glance
  • Makes learning effective and simpler
  • Gives an idea for students as to what is expected

Apart from syllabus, surfing through the website also gives you access to pseb ebooks and other study material. Textbooks serves as a base providing in-depth information on a topic. These books are provided by the board after regular revisions of syllabus and hence the textbook. New topics are included in the textbook to make sure a student gets to learn the current issues and to keep up with the times.

Question papers are the next big thing offered by us. The board provides these papers after a panel of experts discuss about questions to be included from a wide variety of topics. These question papers are then consolidated into one question paper with variations and come up with the best version for students. Question papers provide a sneak peek and gives insight into our own preparation. Practicing these papers alone helps students attain greater success rate at their board examinations.

Recently PSEB Chairman Manohar Kant Kalohia disclosed that textbooks would be made from eco-friendly paper contributing to reduce health hazards which has been well received and appreciated immensely by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Date sheet for class 10 examinations was made available by the board in the second week of January itself. Examinations by the board are usually conducted in the month of March.

Click on the link below to access the latest on class 10 Punjab board syllabus, textbooks, sample paper of science for class 10 pseb and other question papers for the academic year 2018-19.

Other resources made available on the site for pseb/punjab board includes the pseb question paper of 10th class 2018

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