Punjab Board Class 11 Textbooks 2021-22

Punjab Board Class 11 Books are the ultimate resource for the student. It provides comprehensive knowledge of the subject along with the topics that should be covered in the course, during the academic year. Textbooks are very vital for any student, but it is not the only source for Punjab Board class 11 examination material. The prescribed  Class 11 textbook on all subjects expands upon the crucial features that can enable the understanding of students on that topic.

Punjab Board Textbooks For Class 11 2021-22

Textbooks are the primary source for studies. The annual exam question paper is designed by referring to Punjab Board Class 11 textbooks. However, students can also practice questions from other resources to get the best results for the Punjab Board Class 11 exams.

Here, in this article we have provided the subject wise links in a table below to access the Punjab Board Class 11 Books of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

PSEB Textbooks For Class 11 Science Stream

PSEB Class 11 Maths Textbooks 2021-22
PSEB Class 11 Physics Textbooks 2021-22
PSEB Class 11 Chemistry Textbooks 2021-22
PSEB Class 11 Biology Textbooks 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 11 Other Subjects

Significance of Punjab Board Class 11 Books

  • Helps to prepare well for the exams
  • Understand the topic and various concepts under it clearly
  • Students can have assignments or projects from it
  • It gives to the students an indication of what will be taken in a class
  • It is a supplementary tool to the Class 11 Syllabus, supporting it
  • Textbooks are prescribed on the basis of Punjab Board Class 11 Syllabus
  • Best foundation for the teachers to plan their teaching method

Punjab Board Class 11 includes various subjects and there are textbooks for all. However, at BYJU’s the focus is currently on Class 11 Punjab Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Subjects.

Stay tuned to get details about pseb syllabus of 11th class


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