Punjab Board Class 11 Chemistry Textbooks 2021-22

Class 11 Chemistry lays the foundation in studies ahead for students who opt for both engineering and medicine. Any student who wishes to score well needs to be thorough with the subject. Scoring good marks in Chemistry will also ensure that they have proper knowledge of the subject. Students can study from the PSEB Class 11 Chemistry textbooks that we have made available in Hindi and English here below in this article to get a good grasp of the subject.

PSEB 11TH Class Chemistry Syllabus 2021-22

The important Chemistry concepts taught in Class 11 are useful for Class 12, as well. For this, students can start learning by referring to the Punjab Board Class 11 Chemistry Textbooks. Reading from the class textbooks help them to understand the role of Chemistry in everyday life. Some important concepts that are taught in Class 11 Chemistry include the structure of atoms, redox reactions, hydrogen, hydrocarbons and so on.

If anyone plans to take up engineering or medical professional, they will need to take the 11th Class subjects, very seriously. Preparing for Punjab Board Class 11 also helps them to do well in the competitive exams.

In this article, find the PDFs of PSEB Class 11 Textbooks of Chemistry in Hindi and English languages.

Download PSEB Class 11 Chemistry Textbooks

Chemistry book Part 1 for class 11 in English
Chemistry book Part 2 for Class 11 in English
Chemistry book Part 1 for Class 11 in Hindi
Chemistry book Part 2 for Class 11 in Hindi

PSEB Class 11 Chemistry Chapters In English

PSEB Class 11 Chemistry Textbook Part 1

Chapter Names
Unit 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Unit 2 Structure of Atom
Unit 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Unit 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Unit 5 States of Matter
Unit 6 Chemical Thermodynamics
Unit 7 Equilibrium

PSEB Class 11 Chemistry Textbook Part 2

Chapter Names
Unit 8 Redox Reactions
Unit 9 Hydrogen
Unit 10 S Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) Group 1 and Group 2 elements
Unit 11 Some p-Block Elements, General introduction to p-Block Elements
Unit 12 Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Unit 13 Hydrocarbons
Unit 14 Environmental Chemistry

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