Punjab Board Class 7

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) came into existence for the development and promotion of school education in the year of 1969.The headquarters of the board is located in SAS Nagar,Mohali. Some of the functions of the board are as follows:

  • Conducting public examinations
  • Bringing qualitative improvements in school education
  • Preparing and revising the textbooks
  • Preparation, compilation,printing and sales of textbooks.

The education system holds the students to expose in the differentiated roles of science,humanities and social science.The primary goals of the board are as follows:

  • Development of self-confidence
  • Facing unfamiliar situations
  • Personality development
  • Development of knowledge and skills in various areas like subjects,languages,sports,


  • Through moral and spiritual values,students come to analyse Right and Wrong.

Education must enable one to understand the ideas about life and character.Knowledge is not only the factor for individual good,but physical and moral strength are equally important in the system of education.A significant feature of secondary school education system emphasis on profession based vocational training.It helps students to attain skills.The current scheme undergone for education for all is “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan”,one of the world’s largest education initiatives in the world.

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Practise This Question

Suresh and Ramesh saw two perpendicular lines, and made the following statements:
Suresh: If two lines are perpendicular then the number of right angles formed between them is 2.

Ramesh: If two lines are perpendicular then the number of right angles formed between them is 4.