Punjab Board Class 10 Maths Textbooks

Class 10 Maths is a subject that is very challenging to solve. However, with Punjab Board Class 10 Maths Textbooks, mathematical concepts will be more clear to you. These books are created keeping in mind your requirements. The topics are explained in detail and are organised into chapters for your better comprehension of topics. Every effort has been made to cover the entire topics as per the Punjab Board Syllabus. You can first finish learning the chapters from the book one by one and then do the exercises given after each chapter to be more thorough with the subject. It also helps students to revise the book before exams quickly.

Class 10 maths also deals with various interesting concepts such as Fundamental theorem of mathematics, Euclid’s Division Lemma, Revisiting Rational Numbers and their Decimal Expansions and so under the topic, Real Numbers, which forms the chapter 1 of the textbook. Factor Theorem, Value of Polynomial, Elimination method, Distance Formula, Area of a Triangle, Triangle Scaling and so are other concepts that are covered in the other various chapters of the textbook.

Here, we give the chapter names of the PSEB Class 10 Maths book in English

Chapter 1

Real Numbers

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 4

Quadratic Equations

Chapter 5

Arithmetic Progressions

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 8

Introduction to Trigonometry

Chapter 9

Some Applications of Trigonometry

Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Areas Related to Circle

Chapter 13

Surface Areas and Volumes

Chapter 14


Chapter 15


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Sum of two sides in a triangle is greater than the third side.