Punjab Board Class 8 Textbooks 2021-22

Punjab Board Textbooks play a very crucial role in every student’s education as it will help them to get a thorough knowledge about the basics of the subject. Based on the well- structured pseb syllabus of 8th class, the Punjab board also makes available free textbooks for the students to study.

PSEB Class 8 Maths

PSEB Class 8 maths is interesting and challenging to learn. It covers a wide range of topics like Rational Numbers, Data Handling, Mensuration, Factorization, Playing with Numbers and so on.The textbook has arranged all these topics into chapters and have explained the concepts under it a easy to understand manner.

PSEB Class 8 Science

PSEB Class 8 Science is an intriguing topic as it consists of interesting topics such as Crop Production and Management, Metals and Non-metals, Friction, Sound, Light and more. Students who wish to be thorough with the subject, can first study from the science textbook that explain these concepts in an easily comprehensible manner.

PSEB Class 8 Social Science

Social Science is an interesting subject and the best way to prepare for the Class 8 exams is to revise the concepts taught in Class from the PSEB Class 8 textbooks for Social Science. Some main concepts from History, Geography and Civics discussed in the book includes Natural Resources, Disaster Management, India after Independence, Constitution and Law and so on.

PSEB Class 8 English

Learning English can be challenging if the student is not a master of all the concepts of PSEB Class 8 English. To get a proper grasp of all the important concepts that are discussed in Class 8 English, students can refer to the PSEB Class 8 textbook.

Students, Teachers and parents can also download the 8th Standard books for Punjab board from the links provided further in the table. From the pages in the table below you will find the Punjab Class 8 Maths, Punjab Class 8 Science, and Social Science textbooks.

PSEB Class 8 Maths Textbooks 2021-22
PSEB Class 8 Science Textbooks 2021-22
PSEB Class 8 Social Science Textbooks 2021-22

PSEB Class 8 Books- Other Subjects and Languages

Meanwhile, we have also uploaded the PDF links to access the Punjab Class 8 Textbooks of other subjects and languages, in this article below:

Meanwhile, students can refer to the pseb 8th class sample paper 2020 to get more practice and thus face the exams more confidently, as they become more familiar with the question types.

Features of the Punjab Class 8 Books

  1. These textbooks have been downloaded from the official site of the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).
  2. These books as per the latest syllabus of Punjab board Class 8.
  3. These books follow the latest exam pattern as prescribed in PSEB official site.

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