Punjab Board Class 8 Social Science Textbooks

Textbooks have a huge impact on education. Textbooks are collections of study and reading material related to a specific discipline or course. It provides organized units of work. A textbook gives you all the plans and lessons you need to cover a topic in some detail. Well, if you want to score good marks in Class 8 then you need to make the Social Science textbook of Punjab Board your best friend. Go through each and every chapter of the textbook and pass the exam with flying colours.

The textbooks are carefully developed by a team of experts who research and club together all the necessary information required from all important sources. While preparing for the exam, it is advisable for students to be thorough with their Punjab Board Class 8 textbook of Social Science. By doing so, they can answer all types of tricky questions asked in the exam.

Download Punjab Board Class 8 Social Science Textbooks PDF

From the table provided below, students can download PDF of Class 8 Social Science textbook in English, Punjabi and Hindi. These textbooks are prepared according to Punjab board Class 8 syllabus of Social Science.

PSEB Book for Class 8 Social Science Chapter Names

Part 1: Resources and their Development

Chapter 1

Resources: Types and Conversation

Chapter 2

Natural Resources

Chapter 3

Mineral and Energy Resources

Chapter 4

Our Agriculture

Chapter 5

Industrial Development

Chapter 6

Major Industries

Chapter 7

Human Resources

Chapter 8

Disaster Management

Part II: Our Past III

Chapter 9

How, When and Where

Chapter 10

The Establishment of the Power of East India Company

Chapter 11

Administrative Structure, Growth of Colonial Army and Civilian Administration

Chapter 12

Rural Life and Society

Chapter 13

Colonialism and Tribal society

Chapter 14

Handicraft and Industry

Chapter 15

The Revolt of 1857

Chapter 16

The Education and British Rule

Chapter 17

Women and Reforms

Chapter 18

Challenge to Caste System

Chapter 19

Colonialism and Urban Change

Chapter 20

The Changes in Arts, Painting, Literature and Architecture

Chapter 21

National Movement 1885-1919

Chapter 22

National Movement 1919-1947 AD

Chapter 23

India After Independence

Part III: Social and Political Life

Chapter 24

Constitution and Law

Chapter 25

Importance and Principles and Secularism

Chapter 26

Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties

Chapter 27

Parliament: Structure Role and Importance

Chapter 28

Judiciary and its Special jurisdiction

Chapter 29

Effects of Social Inequalities and Social Justice

Chapter 30

Efforts of the Government and its effects on People

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