RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 22: Road Safety Education Solutions

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Social Science Chapter 22: BYJU’S Important Questions & Answers

Given here are the RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 22 Road Safety Education Solutions, for your reference. The solutions of the RBSE Class 9 provided here are accurate and as per the standards set by the board. We are also offering additional important questions and their solutions based on the concepts covered in the textbook.

RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 22 Exercises: Textbook Important Questions and Solutions

Q1. Do you give way to your schoolmates and teachers while moving in the corridor?

Answer: Yes, I give way to my schoolmates and teachers while moving in the corridor.

Q2. What do you understand by carpooling?

Answer: Carpooling happens when a car is shared between multiple people to travel to work, school, college, etc.

Q3. What is the subway?

Answer: Subway is a path which lies underground which is used by pedestrians to avoid the road-traffic.

Q4. How is the price of petrol determined?

Answer: The price of petrol is determined by taking into account various factors:

i) the price of crude oil

ii) the taxes levied by the Centre and State governments

iii) dealer’s commission and VAT

RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 22 Additional Important Questions and Solutions

Q1. What happens during the monsoon season in big cities like Mumbai?

Answer: In major capital cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc., traffic comes to a standstill during the monsoon season as waterlogging leads to massive jams, accidents, loss of valuable working hours, cases of inadvertent electrocution, etc.

Q2. What can be done to eradicate the issues mentioned above?

Answer: The steps that can be taken to eradicate such issues are:

i) On both sides of each road, shallow, narrow/ wide drains should be constructed between the footpath and the main road.

ii) The depth of the drains should be such that it does not become life-threatening for kids.

iii) Construction of such drains should be made mandatory along with roads of each and every size, ranging from highways, ring roads to all types of arterial roads.

iv) At the terminal point of every road, there must be a properly covered collection pit to make rainwater harvesting a success.

Q3. How can the water from rainwater harvesting be utilized?

Answer: The water from rainwater harvesting can be utilized to solve the water crisis in community works like watering the plants and trees of a particular residential area, community construction projects, etc.

Q4. How can the road rage that occurs due to long wait factor be reduced at the traffic signals?

Answer: The situations of road rage due to long wait factor across traffic signals as a result of their malfunctioning can be reduced by introducing the system of playing soothing season-specific positive emotional songs, at such points automatically, whenever the signals start to malfunction.

Q5. What are the ill-effects of poverty?

Answer: Poverty leads to

i) illiteracy, lack of awareness about road safety rules and regulations

ii) lack of development of human resources and unemployment

iii) incidences of criminal activities like chain/purse snatching

Q6. ‘Rights and duties go hand-in-hand’. Explain.

Answer: Rights and duties go hand-in-hand. One’s right is definitely the duty of another. For instance, when we avail our right to drive on road, it is our duty to have courtesy and sense to give way to others within traffic norms; to have concern for pedestrians, elderly, handicapped and kids on the road. We must not encourage irresponsible attitudes of driving, especially with high-performance vehicles. We must behave as responsible citizens.

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