Semicircle Calculator

Semicircle calculator is a free online tool used for finding the area of a semicircle. BYJU’S online semicircle calculator is simple, easy to use and access. Enter the radius of a circle in the input field. The tool will display the area of the semicircle in the output field.

To recall, a semicircle is half a circle. The formula for the area of semi-circle can be calculated from the area of a circle formula. Therefore, the area of the semicircle is half of the area of the circle.

Finding Semicircle Area

To obtain the area of a semicircle, enter the radius value in the semicircle calculator. The formula used to find the area of a semicircle is

A = (½) πr2 square units

Here, π is a constant value

The value of π is approximately taken as 3.14 or 22/7.

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