Semicircle Calculator

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Semicircle Calculator is a free online tool that displays the area of a semicircle. BYJU’S online semicircle calculator tool performs the calculation faster, and it displays the area in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Semicircle Calculator? 

The procedure to use the semicircle calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the radius value in the input field

Step 2: Now click the button “Submit” to get the area

Step 3: Finally, the area of a semicircle will be displayed in the new window

What is Meant by Semicircle?

In Maths, a circle is a closed two-dimensional figure. The semicircle is half of the circle. Therefore, the area of the semicircle is half the area of a circle. We know that the area of a circle is πr2. Therefore, the area of the semicircle is given by

Area of a semicircle, A = (½)πr2 square units.

If the radius value is known, it is easy to find the area of a semicircle. 

For example, if the radius value is 7 cm, then the area of a semicircle is

A = (½)(3.14)(7)(7)

A = 153.86/2

A =76.9 cm2.

Therefore, the area of a semicircle is 76.9 square units.

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