Silver Phosphate Formula

Silver phosphate formula, also known as Trisilver phosphate formula or Silver orthophosphate formula is discussed in this article. The structure of this inorganic salt is formed by one phosphate anion and three silver cations. The molecular or chemical formula of Silver phosphate is Ag3PO4.

Silver orthophosphate is yellow solid in its pure form and turns darker as it becomes impure. It is insoluble in water but soluble in solutions and acids. It is synthesized by reacting the salt orthophosphate and silver nitrate. The product got is insoluble in water. The yellow precipitate is filtered to recover as a pure solid.

Silver phosphate Formula Structure

Silver phosphate Formula

Properties Of Silver phosphate Formula

Chemical formula  Ag3PO4
Molecular weight  418.574 g/mol
Density  6.370 g/cm3
Appears as Yellow solid
Melting point  849 °C

This compound causes coughing and respiratory disease. It also affects skin and eyes and can cause serious damage to eyes.

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