Sodium Acetate Formula

Sodium Acetate formula is one of the most confusing chemical formulas in chemistry. To recall about sodium acetate, it is a trihydrate sodium salt of acetic acid and is also known as sodium ethanoate (abbreviated as NaOAc). The sodium acetate chemical formula or sodium ethanoate formula is explained below.

Sodium Acetate Formula

Sodium acetate is a sodium salt of ethanoic acid (acetic acid) and contains two carbon atoms, 3 hydrogen atoms, 1 sodium atom, and 2 oxygen atoms. The chemical and molecular formula for sodium acetate is written as-

Sodium Acetate Chemical Formula CH3COONa
Sodium Acetate Molecular Formula C2H3NaO2

It is important to remember the sodium acetate chemical and molecular formula as it is one of the common compounds. The structure of NaOAc is also given below which can help to remember the formula effectively and know about this compound in a better way.

Sodium Acetate (Sodium Ethanoate) Structural Formula

Sodium Ethanoate

It should be noted that Sodium Ethanoate occurs naturally in the tissue of plants and animals. It can also be prepared by the neutralization of acetic acid. It is mainly used in the food industry as a seasoning substance.

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