Sodium peroxide Formula

Sodium peroxide formula, also known as Disodium dioxide formula or Solozone formula is discussed in this article. The octahydrate is generated by the treatment of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide together. The molecular or chemical formula of Sodium peroxide is Na2O2.

Disodium dioxide is a granular solid which is yellow-white to yellow in colour. When it is mixed with any combustible material it readily ignites by heat, contact with moisture, or by friction. When exposed to heat for a longer duration it undergoes vigorous decomposition. On a larger scale, Disodium dioxide can be prepared by reacting metallic sodium with oxygen at a temperature range of 130 to 200 °C.

Sodium peroxide Formula Structure

Sodium peroxide Formula

Properties Of Sodium peroxide Formula

Chemical formula  Na2O2
Molecular weight  77.98 g/mol
Density 2.805 g/cm3
Boiling point  657 °C
Melting point  460 °C

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