Telangana Intermediate 1 Year Biology Syllabus

Telangana Intermediate I Year Biology is interesting as it deals with both Botany, the Science of plants and also Zoology, the study of animals. Students, who have plans to take up science for their higher studies or want to get into Medical profession, are widely fascinated by both these branches that are covered under the First Year of Intermediate Biology.  In better words, one can say that Zoology is in fact a Science of Animals, where we get to learn their interaction with the ecosystems.

Telangana Intermediate I Year Syllabus for Biology 2021-22

In this article here, we have mentioned details of the Telangana Intermediate I Year Syllabus for Botany and Zoology for the year 2021-22

Telangana Intermediate I Year Syllabus for Botany 2021-22

UNIT – I  Diversity in the Living World 
Chapter – 1 : The living World
Chapter – 2 : Biological Classification
Chapter – 3 : Science of Plants – Botany
Chapter – 4 : Plant Kingdom

UNIT – II Structural Organization in Plants – Morphology 
Chapter – 5 : Morphology of Flowering Plants

UNIT – III Reproduction in Plants 
Chapter – 7 : Sexual Reproduction in  Flowering Plants

UNIT – IV Plants Systematics 
Chapter – 8 : Taxonomy of Angiosperms

UNIT – V Cell : Structure and Functions 
Chapter – 9 : The Unit of Life
Chapter – 10 : Biomolecules
Chapter – 11 : Cell Cycle and Cell Division

UNIT – VI Internal Organization of Plants 
Chapter – 12 : Histology and Anatomy of  Flowering Plants

UNIT – VII Plant Ecology 
Chapter – 13 : Ecological Adaptations, Succession and Ecological Services

Telangana Intermediate I Year Syllabus for Zoology 2021-22

UNIT – I Diversity of Living World
UNIT – II Structural Organization in Animals
UNIT – III Animal Diversity – I
UNIT – IV Animal Diversity – II
UNIT – V — —
UNIT – VI Biology in Human Welfare
UNIT – VII — —
UNIT – VIII Ecology & Environment

The syllabus for the academic year 2020-21 was reduced by 30%. Find here details of the deleted portion for Botany and Zoology.

Telangana Intermediate I Year Deleted Syllabus for Biology 2020-21

Meanwhile, students fascinated by Botany can also opt to be a Plant Scientist, a Botanist or rather take up some other specialisation of Botany for higher studies. This is where an all comprehensive Telangana Intermediate I Year Biology Syllabus can be crucial and helpful.

Telangana Intermediate First Year Syllabus for Biology

The Telangana Intermediate I Year Botany and Zoology Syllabus is given in the table below.

Telangana Intermediate I Year Botany  Syllabus
Telangana Intermediate I Year Zoology Syllabus

A detailed and effective Biology Syllabus for Intermediate First Year of Telangana Board will take the students through the basic concepts covered under Class 11 Biology, which includes wide-ranging topics like the diversity in the living world, structural Organisation in plants and reproduction in plants or cell structure for Botany as well as the topics covered by Zoology consist of structural organisation of Animals or Ecology and Environment and so on.

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