Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for Science Class 10

Syllabus for class 10 students helps to plan their course of study. As science requires students to have practical knowledge along with theoretical, it becomes a necessity to have syllabus handy which gives the learner a clear picture of the topics learnt and their applications so that students can draw lines and keep track.

Following is the Tamil Nadu Syllabus for class 10 – Science:

Science Syllabus
Physics Measuring Measurements
Laws of Motion and Gravitation
Electricity and Energy
Magnetic effect of electric current and light
Chemistry Solutions
Atoms and Molecules
Chemical reactions
Periodic classification of elements
Carbon and its compounds
Biology Heredity and evolution
Immune system
Structure and functions of human body organ systems
Reproduction in plants
Representative study of mammals
Life Processes
Conservation of environment
Wastewater management

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