TN Board Class 11 Biology Important Questions

Class 11 biology is a natural science that deals with the living world of animals and plants. Class 11 biology TN board is further divided into two separate topics Botany and Zoology. Botany is important to study or understand because it has many ecological and economic importance on the other hand Zoology is the scientific study related to the entire species of the animal kingdom. Students who aim to score well in the Class 11 final exams need to be well versed with these topics and the best way  to master them is to solve the TN Board Class 11 Biology Important Questions, regularly. This will help the students to perform well in exams.

Important questions of Class 11 Bio-Botany

Important questions of Class 11 Botany are extremely important as it helps the students to analyze the level of understanding and get through with the fundamentals in the respective chapters. Class 11 botany syllabus covers topics such as living world, plant kingdom, bacteria, cell cycle, etc and students are advised to be well-versed with the syllabus. These important questions of Botany Class 11 TN board include all the important concepts and diagrams to help the students learn effectively. Students can also download these important questions of Class 11 botany in pdf form and revise it whenever they can.

Download TN Board Class 11 Bio-Botany important Question PDF

  1. Monosaccharides are called ‘reducing sugars’ but disaccharides are not. Why?
  2. Name the two phases of cell cycle which lasts for longest and shortest span of hours.
  3. Write a specific feature about the membrane of mitochondria
  4. Give two examples of secondary metabolites used as drugs.
  5. ‘Bryophytes need water for fertilization’ – Justify the statement.
  6. Write any three distinguishing features between accessory and reproductive organs of flowers.
  7. Explain the regions of positively geotropic part of the plant
  8. Compare the three classes of algae on the basis of the following parameters(a) Major pigment

    (b) Stored food

    (c) Number of flagella and their positon of insertion

  9. At the end of a cell division, a cell produces four cells. Identify the type of cell division and mention its significance in evolution.
  10. Identify the family of the plant Pisum Sativum. Write the diagnostic features based on(a) Calyx (b) Corolla (c) Androecium (d) Gynoecium (e) Fruit
  11. Explain different types of Placentation with diagram.
  12. Explain Dihybrid cross with checker board.
  13. Explain the potato osmoscope. Experiment with diagram.
  14. Write short notes on deforestation
  15. Explain the Ultrastructure of Choloroplast.

Important questions of Class 11 Bio-Zoology

Class 11 TN board Zoology important question will help students to prepare well for the exams and can also clear their doubts with respect to each chapter by practicing. These important questions are provided by subject experts in order to help them while preparing for the exam. Knowing the important questions of each chapter will ensure effective preparation during exam time. Students will get to learn time management skills by solving these Class 11 Zoology important questions. Before the final exam, students are advised to solve these important questions of Class 11 Zoology on a daily basis.

Download TN Board Class 11 Bio-Zoology important Question PDF

  1. Expand the abbreviations DAISY and ABIS
  2. Compare schizocoelomate with enterocoelomate?
  3. List any two characteristics of Hemichordate.
  4. How emphysema occur?
  5. Write the significance of the followings. i. Microvilli ii. Goblet cells.
  6. State the deficiency disease caused by less intake of iron in our diet?
  7. List out the diagnostic features of phylum Ctenophora.
  8. Write the systematic positions of cockroach and frog.
  9. Construct a cladogram with the given examples. (Catfish, Frog, Crocodile, Crow, Rabbit and Monkey)
  10. Tabulate the agglutinogens and agguitinins present in the different groups of human blood.
  11. How do you distinguish shark fish from cat fish?
  12. Write an account on protein energy malnutrition.
  13. Add a note on role of pancreatic enzymes in protein digestion
  14. Write a note on respiratory pigments.
  15. What are the components involved in coagulation of blood?


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