TN Board Class 12 Botany Important Questions

Botany is the scientific study of plants, which are in turn used in many aspects of human life. Botany is one of the important subjects for those who want to pursue their career as a botanist. For Class 12 science stream students, Botany is an important subject, and it’s a scoring subject if they have proper knowledge of the concepts and topics. Class 12 Botany important questions of TN board are a valuable resource for revision purpose. It boosts up their self-confidence and can also self-analyse their preparation level so that they don’t miss out any topic from the syllabus. Students can solve these TN Board Class 12 Botany Important Questions for practice.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Botany Important Questions

These important questions of Class 12 Botany TN board will help students to prepare well for the exams. Even students can clear all their doubts with respect to each chapter by practicing important questions of Class 12 Botany. By knowing the important questions of each chapter will ensure effective preparation during exam time. These important questions are provided by subject experts after analyzing Tamilnadu board Class 12 Botany previous year question paper.

Students are advised to solve these important questions of Class 12 Botany so that they can enhance time management skills and problem solving skills. It also gives a brief idea about the question paper pattern, marks weighatge and difficulty level of the paper. There is a huge probability that these important questions of Class 12 Botany will be asked in TN board Class 12 Botany board exam.

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  1. Explain Clitoria ternatea in technical terms
  2. Differentiate heart wood and sapwood.
  3. Explain Bentham and Hooker’s natural system of classification.
  4. Explain gene mutation.
  5. Draw and label T.S of Monocot stem.
  6. What is SCP? What are the uses of SCP?
  7. Explain Glycolysis (flow chart only).
  8. Write the aims of plant breeding
  9. Explain C2 cycle (flow chart (or) explanation).
  10. Explain special types of Chromosomes.
  11. Explain the salient features of ICBN
  12. What is the role of BT-toxin in crop protection against pest? Explain the action of biopesticide.
  13. Write a note on physiological effects of auxin and cytokinin.
  14. Differentiate cyclic from non-cyclic photo phosphorylation.
  15. Explain C4 cycle (explanation (Or) flow chart)
  16. Draw the flow chart of Glycolysis
  17. Write short notes on Ganong’s high screen experiments.
  18. Write an account on the structure of RNA and its types.
  19. Write the economic importance of cotton.
  20. Discuss the outline of Bentham and Hooker’s classification of plants. (Flow chart (or) explanation).
  21.  Write a note on the functions of epidermal tissue system.
  22.  Explain the concept of tissue culture.
  23. Draw and label T.S. Monocot system.

Students can also refer to the TN Board Class 12 Botany Practicals to revise the list of experiments.


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