TN Board Class 12 Physics Important Questions

Class 12 Physics is important as well as a tough subject which needs lots of attention and understanding of concepts.  Physics is a subject which is very subjective and the subject demands accurate answers posed to them. These important questions of Class 12 Physics will help students to prepare well in their examinations. Solving these important questions of Class 12 Physics TN board will make the students more confident, and they will also get an idea about the question paper pattern, difficulty level and marks weightage.

These important questions of Class 12 Physics are useful learning resources for Class 12 students as they are designed by the subject experts as per the Tamilnadu board Class 12 Physics syllabus. These important questions of Class 12 Physics are taken as a model structure and can be used as reference material for better understanding of their entire curriculum. Class 12 Physics syllabus covers topics such as electrostatics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, which needs better understanding and revision.

These important questions of Class 12 Physics are prepared after the analysis of some TN board Class 12 Physics question paper and sample papers. Students of Class 12 are advised to practice these important questions which are extremely important for TN board Class 12 Physics board exam. It will also help students to self-evaluate their preparation level and can also cross-check whether they have skipped an important topic from the syllabus.

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  1. Define electric field Intensity.
  2. Write the rms value of alternating current. Draw the graph for the variation of I2 with respect to time
  3. Give any two characteristics of electromagnetic waves.
  4. When the energy of the incident radiation increased by 20 %, the kinetic energy of the photo electrons emitted from a metal increased from 0.5 eV to 0.8eV Calculate the work function of the metal.
  5. Define the Converse of pair production
  6. Why multimeter is called as AVO meter?
  7. What are the properties of electric lines of forces?
  8. State the laws of photo electric emission.
  9. Derive an expression for a force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.
  10. A source of alternating emf is connected with RLC series combination circuit. Obtain with the help of vector diagram, the expression for (i) the effective voltage (ii) the phase relationship between the current and the voltage.
  11. Describe the principle, construction and working of Geiger – Muller counter.
  12. Explain the functional block diagram of a monochrome TV receiver.
  13. What are the condition for total internal reflection?
  14. State the principle of Millikan’s oil drop experiment.
  15. Write a note on variation of mass with velocity.
  16. Describe the principle, construction and working of cyclotron.
  17. Discuss with theory the method of inducing emf in a coil by changing its orientation with respect to the direction of the magnetic field.
  18. Explain the action of operational amplifier as (i) inverting amplifier and as (ii) difference amplifier.
  19. What is the principle of radar? Describe the transmission and reception of radar by using block diagram.
  20. What are cosmic rays? Explain how the intensity of the cosmic rays changes with latitude and altitude.

Students can refer to the TN Board Class 12 Physics Practicals to get the list of experiments and the principle behind it.

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