Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Sample Paper

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology sample paper is a useful and handy resource in helping students to score well in Class 12 Zoology Board exam. Solving more number of Zoology sample papers will give confidence to students during final exams. Practising sample papers regularly will make them well aware of the pattern and style of the question paper that can be asked in the exam. Class 12 Zoology sample papers are prepared as per the latest Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology syllabus, and there is a chance that some of the questions from the sample papers might be asked in Class 12 Zoology exam.

Students can download the Class 12 Zoology sample paper from the mentioned below link. Students are advised to practice this sample paper at least 20 days before the exam.

Importance of Class 12 Zoology sample paper

  1. Practising sample papers will help students to boost their confidence so that they can score good marks in their examination.
  2. It helps students to know the exact question paper pattern, marking scheme, important questions, etc.
  3. Students will learn time management skills and get to know on which topic to concentrate more.
  4. Along with other study materials, students should also practice the Class 12 Zoology sample paper of TN Board.

Practise This Question

A solid copper sphere (density ρ and specific heat capacity (c) of radius r at an initial temperature 200K is suspended inside a chamber whose walls are at almost 0K. The time required (in μ s) for the temperature of the sphere to drop to 100 K is