Samacheer Kalvi English Textbooks for Class 6 | Tamil Nadu Syllabus 6th Standard English Textbooks For English Medium

Samacheer Kalvi English Textbooks of Class 6 for Term 1, 2 and 3 are used by students to prepare for the exams. Here, the PDF versions of the book are made available for download from clickable links listed. Students can just click on these links and access these books to revise for the final exams. The latest 2021-2022 Edition of Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu State Board Syllabus 6th Standard English Textbooks will help the students to perform well. These Samacheer Kalvi Class 6 textbooks also explain all the main concepts related to English very clearly. Students can refer to these Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 English Textbooks for the Semesters 1, 2 and 3 to revise the entire concepts of the subject for the final exams.

Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu English Books Class 6 Download 2021-22

Find here the collection of downloadable links, from where students can access the Class 6 textbooks of English for term 1, 2 and 3. Samacheer Kalvi Class 6 English books for all the terms can be downloaded by clicking the links provided:

Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu State Board Class 6 English Books 2021-22

We have mentioned here the list of chapters names taken from these terms wise English textbooks for TN Board Class 6, as listed below:

Samacheer Kalvi TN Board Class 6 English Term 1

Unit 1

Prose- Sea Turtles

Poem- The Crocodile

Supplementary- Owlie

Unit 2

Prose- When The Trees Walked

Poem- Trees

Supplementary- The Apple Tree and The Farmer

Unit 3

Prose- The Visitor From Distant Lands

Poem- I Dream of Spices

Supplementary- Spices of India

Samacheer Kalvi TN Board Class 6 English Term 2

Unit 1

Prose- Sports Stars

Poem- Teamwork

Supplementary- Think To Win

Unit 2

Prose- Trip to Ooty

Poem- From a Railway Carriage

Supplementary- Gulliver’s Travels

Samacheer Kalvi TN Board Class 6 English Term 3

Unit 1

Prose- Who Owns The Water?

Poem- Indian Seasons

Supplementary- A Childhood In Malabar: A Memoir

Unit 2

Prose- That Sunday Morning

Poem- A Tragic Story

Supplementary- Brought to Book

Unit 3

Play- The Jungle Book

Students can also access the free downloadable pdfs of all classes textbooks from 6-10 of Samacheer Kalvi from here. Stay tuned and access more updates!

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