Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Syllabus

Tamil Nadu has an enviable reputation for providing quality education to students of all ages. With one of the highest literacy rates in the country and one of the highest rates of school enrolment, the state has been at the fore front of delivering high standards of education. Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 syllabus is an epitome of this endeavour and the students stand to gain rich knowledge that will serve them well in the years to come.

A general look at the Science and Maths syllabi of TN Board Class 6 suggests that students are introduced to abstract and complex concepts relatively earlier than other parts of the country. Emphasis is also placed on concepts such as health and hygiene, environmental issues, and optimum utilization of natural resources.

TN Board Class 6 syllabus also requires the teachers to have their pupils read Science magazines and publications to keep them abreast of latest developments in the field of science and technology. This not only creates a scientific temperament in the young minds but also inculcates a habit of reading.

Have a look at the syllabus for Class 6 Science and Maths as prescribed by the Department of Education, Tamil Nadu Government.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Syllabus
Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Maths Syllabus

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Arrange the following: CH3CH2CH2CH2Cl (I), CH3CH2CHClCH3 (II), (CH3)2CHCH2Cl (III) and (CH3)3CCl (IV) in order of decreasing tendency towards SN2 reaction