Class 8 Syllabus for Tamil Nadu

Syllabus plays a vital role in scoring good marks as well as in mapping out the study plan for yourself. You must thoroughly know the syllabus before you begin your studies. Knowing the syllabus will make you focussed & oriented about the topics you will going to learn in Tamil Nadu 8th Standard.

Students can easily get the Tamil Nadu State Board 8th Class Syllabus on the Index page of TNBSE textbook. We have compiled the std. 8 science & maths syllabus as per the official Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education portal. Here, you will get the latest syllabus for TN Board Class 8 standard.

TNBSE Class 8 Syllabus

Have a look at the table and click on the link below to know the detailed Tamil Nadu State Board Syllabus for Mathematics and Science Subjects:

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A telephone wire of length 200 km has a capacitance of 0.014μF per km. If it carries an ac of frequency 2.5 kHz, what should be the value of an inductor required to be connected in series so that the impedance of the circuit is minimum