TN Board Class 7 TextBooks

TamilNadu textbook corporation is formed by the state government in the year of 1970.It provides the text books in an affordable cost.The corporation is developed to ensure the quality of text book for all the classes starting from class 1 to class 12.These textbooks are generally published in two languages like English and Tamil.

Most importantly,reading cannot only help you to become a good student,it makes you a good person.Our imagination is too big when book trains our mind.It is all about understanding,not memorising the topics.Always relate the topics in real time situation what you are studying in school syllabus.It really helps you a lot for your higher studies.

TamilNadu is one of the most literate states in the country. Students who are looking for class 7 maths and science textbooks ,prefer the below link to download the books .Also we are providing the sample materials,sample question papers to score good marks in examination. Before the exam preparation starts,once you go through the entire syllabus,then you can get a clear idea about the topics that you have to be covered.The TamilNadu Board syllabus provided here is in English, so that students from other states will also get the knowledge on both the subjects and they feel free to study the concepts provided here.

Click the below link to download the textbooks:

Class 7 Mathematics Textbook
Class 7 Science Textbook

Practise This Question

Arrange the following in sequence of their occurrence:
(i) Mutation
(ii) Reproductive isolation
(iii) Natural selection
(iv) Evolution