Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Textbooks

One cannot overstate the importance of textbooks in secondary education. Unlike universities and colleges that prescribe books written by several authors on the same subject, board textbooks are the only source of study material for all the subjects at the higher secondary level. Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 textbooks are prescribed by TNBSE and distributed state wide by Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation.

The textbooks contain both practice questions and solved examples in addition to the core chapters. Practice questions are designed to check the conceptual understanding of the subjects and help students assess themselves. And solved examples throw light on the application aspects of the topics covered.

While most state boards pick all of the questions for the exams from practice questions and solved examples in the textbooks, the TN board has the provision to pick few questions from outside the textbook also.

Practise This Question

Six equal resistance of 1 Ω each are connceted to form the sides of a hexagon ABCDEF. Calculate the resistance offered by the combination if the current enters at A and leaves at D.