Tamil Nadu Board Class 6

The higher primary education in the country usually consist of classes five, six, and seven. It lays the foundation for secondary education with the introduction of abstract subjects such as Algebra and Geometry. The samacheer kalvi 6th books free download pdf will help students to learn the subject thoroughly. Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 course is designed by the Department of School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu. Concepts and topics introduced for a subject in this Class is discussed later at length in higher classes. Below in this article, we have provided for the students the various study materials and the resources of Tamil Nadu Board Class 6.

TN Board Class 6

The board sets the guidelines for individual schools to conduct their own exams. The board also grants affiliations to schools within the state after a thorough audit of the infrastructure, staff, and other mandatory requirements. Since there are other national level education boards functioning in the state, it is entirely up to the schools to apply for affiliation to the state education board.

TN Board Class 6 Exams

The Class 6 of TN Board is usually conducted over a period of nine to ten months between June and March. Depending on the school a student joins, the course could be spread over two semesters or three trimesters. Exams are conducted twice in an academic year. A mid-term exam is held to assess the progress of the students mid-way through the year, so the teachers can guide the students towards successfully clearing the final exams held at the end of the year.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Syllabus
Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Textbooks
Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Question Papers

TN Board Class 6 Course Design

Overall, the primary objective of the higher primary education is to prepare the students for secondary and higher secondary education. TN Board prides itself as one of the leading education boards in the country and this clearly reflects in their course designs at all levels. Specifically, the Class 6 course has been updated to include a host of new concepts that enable the students to adapt to the ever changing modern world.

With the introduction of computer and information technology classes, class 6 students will now learn basics of computer operation, using spreadsheets and word processors, browsing the World Wide Web, sending emails, and the likes.

TN Board Class 6 – A Modern Approach

A general glimpse of the guidelines provided to the teachers by the Tamil Nadu education board gives a fair idea about what goes on in a classroom on a typical day. Emphasis is placed on teacher-student interaction and clear transactional strategy is recommended along with learning objectives and learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to relate their learning with their everyday experiences by putting them in situations that require them to apply the concepts that have been taught.

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