Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Sample Paper

Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 sample paper is the best way to access the exam preparation level. Through this students speed of solving the questions with accuracy also get increased. While practising the sample paper, students get to practice each topic from syllabus thoroughly. It helps students to gain confidence so that they complete the paper in due time on the final day. With the help of Tamil Nadu Board sample papers, students can practice better to prepare for the exam, and they are relieved from exam pressure and nervousness. As students practice more and more sample papers they will get to know their mistakes and working on them will increase their chances of scoring good marks in the final exam.

Students of Class 11 Tamil Nadu Board students can download the sample paper from the provided link below mentioned in the table.

Importance of solving TN Board sample paper before exam

  1. Practicing Tamil Nadu Board sample papers will help students to get an idea about the types of questions that will be asked in the exam so that students can prepare accordingly.
  2. These sample papers are prepared based on Class 11 previous year question papers.
  3. Sample papers help students to analyze their performance and weak areas.
  4. Sample papers are the fruitful resource for revision purpose before the exam as it covers the entire course syllabus for Class 11.

Practise This Question

A box contains 2 fifty paise coins, 5 twenty five paise coins and a certain fixed number n(2) of ten and five paise coins. Five coins are taken out of the box at random. Find the probability that the total value of these 5 coins is less than one rupee and fifty paise.