Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology Sample Paper

Sample papers are the best resource to practice for the exams. Class 11 Biology subject is divided into two sections Bio-Botany and Bio-Zoology. Solving the sample paper not only gives you ample practice, but also help you to analyse the question paper pattern which eventually increases confidence. Sample papers of Class 11 Biology are helpful to practice solving many types of questions. Students can solve these TN Board Class 11 Biology Sample Papers for practise, regularly so that it helps them to ace the final exams.

These sample papers are designed as per the Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology syllabus by keeping in mind the marking scheme, difficulty level and important questions from exam perspective. It is always advised to the students to refer the Biology syllabus before solving the sample papers. It will help them to track what topics they have covered and what needs to be covered.

Students of Class 11 TN Board can download the Biology sample paper from the provided below links. Here, in this table below please find the links to access the TN Board Class 11 Sample Papers for Botany and Zoology.

Class 11 Bio-Botany Sample Paper
Class 11 Bio-Zoology Sample Paper

Significance of solving Biology sample paper of Class 11

  1. Sample papers are prepared by keeping in mind the actual question paper. By solving the sample paper you will know your preparation level and weakness.
  2. It will help you revise each and every topic and strengthen weak topics.
  3. Solving the sample paper will help you to know how much time you’ll need to complete each question.
  4. It helps in improving your speed and accuracy, time management skills.


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