TN Board Class 10 Science Important Questions

Class 10 lays the foundation for most students for their studies ahead. It is a crucial year, as students attend their first board exams. Hence, it is important to learn all the topics and subjects of Class 10 thoroughly if students wish to do well in their board exams. Important questions of Class 10 science TN board is a fruitful resource for students preparing for their Class 10 board exams. The concepts covered in Class 10 Science provide a foundational base for higher classes. Therefore, the students are advised to have a clear understanding of concepts from the very beginning itself. One of the best ways to learn a subject is to answer the Tamil Nadu Board SSLC Class 10 Science Important Questions for practice.

Tamil Nadu Board SSLC Class 10 Science Important Questions

These important questions for Class 10 Science can be part of the physics, chemistry and biology section of Class 10 and will be very helpful who want to ace the Class 10 board exam. While preparing students might miss out some important concepts, but with the help of these important questions, they will be excelling in the science exam. Students are advised to refer to these important questions of Class 10 Science after completing their preparation for the science exam. By solving these important questions of Class 10 TN board students can get to know about the exam pattern and the marking scheme of their examination.

All the important questions are prepared by subject experts covering all the important topics which are part of the Tamilnadu board Class 10 Science syllabus. Students are advised to solve these important questions of Class 10 science on a regular basis to score good marks. It provides an extra edge to students and boosts their self-confidence before the exam.

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1. Write the three important parts of uriniferons tubules.

2. A non-renewable resource is a natural resource. If it is replaced by a natural process at a rate comparable or faster than its rate of consumption by humans. Read this statement and confirm whether it is correct or incorrect. If it is incorrect give the correct statement.

3. Describe: Energy conservation.

4. What are the biofuels for transportation?

5. Why does the colour of copper sulphate change when an iron nail is kept in it? Justify your answer.

6. List out the differences between atoms and molecules.

7. Define esterification. Give its chemical reaction.

8. Write any two uses of ethanol.

9. A concave lens has focal length of 15cm. At what distance should the object from the lens be placed, so that it forms an image 10cm from the lens?

10. Draw the schematic diagram of an electric circuit consisting of a battery of two cells of 1.5V each, three resistance of 5ohm, 10ohm and 15ohm respectively and a plug key, all connected in series.

11. Differentiate mass and weight.

12. Diamond is the hardest allotrope of carbon. Give reason for its hardness.

13. Find the concentration of solution in terms of weight percent if 20 gram of common salt is dissolved in 50 gram of water.

14. Correct the statement if they are wrong.

  1. Alpha cells produce insulin and beta cells produce glucogon
  2. Cortisone supress the immune reponse
  3. Thymus gland is a lymphoid mass
  4. Ovary produces eggs and androgen

15. In the list of non-conventional sources of energy given below, some of them are wrong. List out the wrong ones. (wind energy, solar energy, hydro electric power, nuclear energy, tidal energy, wave energy, geo thermal energy).

16. Read each description below and say whether it fits ethanol or ethanoic acid.

  1. It is a clear liquid with burning taste
  2. It is used to preserve biological specimens in laboratories
  3. It is used to preserve food and fruit juices
  4. On cooling, it is frozen to form ice-flakes, which look like a glacier

17.  Assertion (A) : MRI is used to scan the inner organs of the human body by penetrating a very intense magnetic field.

Reason(R): By use of a very intense magnetic field, very high resolution images can be obtained.

    (a) (A) is incorrect and (R) is correct

    (b) (A) is correct (R) is incorrect

    (c) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect

     (d) (A) is correct and (R) supports A

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