Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Blue-print | Marking Scheme

Refer to the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Blue-print I Marking Scheme and get an idea about the exam pattern and the marks distribution chapter-wise. Other useful resource giving these information is the TN Board Class 12 Zoology Sample Papers. Students of Class 12 who are preparing for the Zoology board exams can plan their studies based on the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Blueprint with Marking Scheme and Question Paper Pattern, as this will help them to ace the exams.

From these given details in the article one can get to know the marks weightage to the learning outcome as well as to the various types of questions asked.

Download Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Blue-print I Marking Scheme PDF

We have also compiled some information in this article for the students of TN Board Class 12 to check out. Take a glimpse below for the marks distribution and level of difficulty of questions asked:

Weightage to Learning Outcome

Note : 1. While preparing multiple choice questions, the question paper setter should not

give options like ‘none of the above’ and ‘both A and B’

2. The options to be given are selected only from the text contents. Avoid unfamiliar,

irrelevant and non – textual matter.

3. There should not be any ambiguous options and there must be only one appropriate

answer among the four alternatives.

4. Questions are to be framed in such a manner that the candidates should write

the VSA within 2 minutes, SA within 5 to 6 minutes and LA within 15 to 16 minutes.

Weightage to Units

Students can get a detailed blueprint and marking scheme from the PDF provided in this article. So, download and start preparing for the exams.


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