Trapezoid formula

A 4 – sided figure which has one pair of parallel sides is called a trapezoid. Mostly the bases are parallel.

Steps to find the area of Trapezoid

  1. Add the bases.
  2. Add the result from step 1 and the height of the trapezoid.
  3. Divide the result in step 3 by 2.
  4. You’ll get the area of Trapezoid.

Trapezoidal Formulas

The area of a trapezoid formula

Area =h x (b1+ b2)/2 ·


b1, b2 are the lengths of each base

h is the altitude (height)

To find the height and base of the trapezoid that is used in the area of a trapezoid formula, we need to use the following formulas.

Height (altitude) = 2a/(b1 + b 2)

Where a = area and b1, b2 are the 2 bases.

Base length = (2a/h) – b

Where a = area and b = base, and h is the height (altitude).

Area = mh

Where m = median and h = height (altitude).

Area of Trapezium Formula Examples

Find the area of the trapezoid if the two bases are 6 cm and 7 cm respectively. Also, the height is given as 8 cm.

Solution: Area = 8 x (6+ 7)/2

= 8 x (13)/2

= 8 x 6.5

= 52 cm2

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