Bar Graph Worksheets

What is a Bar Graph?

Nowadays, it’s really helpful for kids if they go through an advanced syllabus, as it helps them to remain at the top of their game. The bar graph is one such chapter that will be helpful for children when they go to a higher class. For those who don’t know, bar graphs are a way by which specific data is represented. Bar graphs are usually represented along the x and y-axis. BYJU’S offers various bar graph worksheets that one can easily download and practise.

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Properties of Bar Graph

There are some properties by which one can easily identify whether the given diagram is a bar graph or not. These properties are what makes bar graphs different from the other types of graphs.

  • The height of the bar graphs represent the data provided. In simpler terms, the height of the bars is equal to the data provided.
  • All the bars should be placed at an equal distance from each other and should have equal width.
  • There’s a common base on which the rectangular bars of the graphs are placed.
  • The bar graph can be drawn both vertically and horizontally as required.

Types of Bar Graph

It is important to know the different types of bar graphs, as it will help children understand the concept better, in higher classes. If the children are well aware of the different types of bar graphs, it will help them to solve the bar graph worksheets PDF that they can easily access from our BYJU’S website. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Vertical bar graphs – Vertical bar graphs are those where the graphs are represented in a vertical manner along the y-axis.
  • Horizontal bar graphs – Horizontal bar graphs are those where the graphs are represented in a horizontal manner along the x-axis.
  • Stacked bar graph – This type of graph is used to show and compare the different categories of a whole data.
  • Grouped bar graph – Also known as the clustered bar graph, these bar graphs help to compare and represent various categories of two or more groups.

BYJU’S offers various bar graph worksheets which the children can practise and clear their doubts in the concept.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bar Graph Worksheets


How many types of bar graphs are there?

There are mainly four types of bar graphs. They are vertical bar graphs, horizontal bar graphs, stacked bar graphs, and grouped bar graphs.


What is a bar graph?

Bar graphs are pictorial representations of data in rectangular bars either horizontally or vertically along the x and y-axis.


Where can I find bar graphs worksheets?

BYJU’S offers different free downloadable bar graph worksheets for kids, which parents can easily access for their children’s practice. These worksheets will help your child to have a complete understanding of the concept.

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