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One of the most confusing topics for students is the histogram and bar graph. Since both these kinds of graphs look the same, children often get confused between them. A histogram is a type of graph that represents data in the form of continuous rectangular bars. A student can easily spot the difference between histogram and bar graphs by seeing if there are any gaps between the bars. If there are equal gaps between the rectangular bars, then it is a bar graph, but if the rectangular bars are in continuous form, i.e. there’s no gap between them, then it is a histogram. BYJU’S offers a variety of histograms worksheets that children can easily download and practise to clear their concepts. These worksheets are designed for students who are starting to learn about histograms.

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Types of Histograms

There are different ways in which histograms depict data. Knowing them will help the children to identify the different types of histograms. It will also help them to solve the histograms PDF worksheet easily.

  • Bimodal Histogram
  • Uniform Histogram
  • Bell Shaped Histogram
  • Skewed Right Histogram
  • Skewed Left Histogram

Since students will be starting to learn about the histogram, it is not necessary to go into further details about the different types of histograms. However, it will be taught to them in the higher classes, so it’s essential that they have a basic understanding of histograms.

Tips to Know about Histogram Bar

When a child is learning about histograms, it is helpful if they have some tricks or tips at their disposal. These tricks prove to be beneficial for children who are solving histogram worksheets.

  • While solving histograms, make sure that there are no gaps between the rectangular bars.
  • There’s no need to start the vertical and the horizontal axes from zero, unlike the bar graphs.
  • The main purpose of histograms is to represent collective data in a continuous form.
  • Only continuous data can be represented in histograms.
  • Always choose the vertical axes to represent the histogram and choose the highest number, which divides all the frequencies.

If a child keeps these tips in mind while solving the histogram worksheets, it will become easy for them to interpret the data and understand the concept.

Frequently Asked Questions on Histograms Worksheet

What is a histogram?

A histogram is the pictorial presentation of data in a continuous form. Histograms can easily be differentiated from bar graphs as the rectangular bars are in continuous form, without any gaps.

Where can I get histogram worksheets?

If you are looking for histogram worksheets that will help your children to develop a clear and basic understanding of histograms, then BYJU’S is the stop for you. We offer multiple easy and free downloadable histogram PDF worksheets, for children who are still in primary classes.

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