Subtraction of Fractions

One of the essential subtopics of fractions is the subtraction of fractions. In the subtraction of fractions, one has to find the difference between the numerators, and for that, the denominators have to be the same. BYJU’S offers several subtracting fractions worksheets, which will help your child to develop a basic understanding of how subtraction of fractions works. But before getting into any of these concepts, it is important for the kids to have a clear understanding of fractions. Only if they have understood how fractions work can they understand other concepts related to them.

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Ways to Subtract Fractions

Once your kid has understood how fractions work, you can easily introduce them to subtraction of fractions worksheets. Now let’s understand how subtracting fractions works.

  • Same denominator – Suppose you are given 3/5 and 8/5, and are asked to find the difference between them. In the case of the same denominator, you can simply find the difference between the numerators. So the result of 8/5 – 3/5 will be 5/5, i.e. in simplified terms, it will be 1.
  • Different denominators – in the case of different denominators, kids might get confused about how to perform subtraction. In cases of different denominators, subtraction is possible only after changing it to the same denominator. For that, one needs to find out the LCM of the denominators. Suppose you are asked to find the difference between 3/4 – 6/3, then the LCM of the denominator will be 12. Once the denominator is the same, one can easily carry out the subtraction.
  • Whole numbers – Another way in which subtraction of fractions questions can be formed is by asking for the difference between whole numbers and fractions. In that case, one has to convert the whole number into a fraction. For example, if it’s given 4 – 5/3, then one can write 4 as 4/1 and follow the same subtraction process of fractions with different denominators. You can easily access BYJU’S for subtracting fractions worksheets pdf. These worksheets are easily downloadable and can be easily solved by junior class students. These worksheets will help the kid to develop a better understanding of the topic and solve subtracting fractions word problems worksheet later.

Download Subtract Fractions Download PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions on Subtract Fractions


Is subtraction of fractions an important topic for kids?

Yes, the subtraction of fractions plays an important part in the mathematics curriculum. So it is important to introduce the kids to the basics of subtraction of fractions at a young age. Once the kids are in the higher class, they will have to solve subtraction of fraction word problems.


Can I get the worksheets based on the subtraction of fractions?

If you are looking for subtraction of fractions worksheet, you can visit BYJU’S and download worksheets as per your need. Each worksheet is designed keeping in mind the understanding ability of children across various classes.

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