Subtraction Worksheets

What is Subtraction?

Subtraction is a basic maths operation that children are taught while they are in their primary class. Subtraction is an operation where one has to find the difference between two numbers; in simpler terms, subtraction means finding what is left over after taking away a smaller number from a larger number. For example, 9 – 5 = 4, which means we are taking away 5 units from 9 and what remains is the answer, i.e. 4. Subtraction worksheets help the kids to practise and have a clear understanding of the concept.

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Ways of Subtraction

Subtraction is a basic concept, and it is important that kids have a clear understanding of this chapter at an early age. This chapter is very crucial as it forms the base for operations in almost all mathematics chapters that a child learns later in school. There are two ways in which subtraction can be done, one is with regrouping, and the other is without regrouping.

  • Without regrouping – Once children learn how to subtract single-digit numbers, you can easily move them on to two-digit subtraction. When two, or more than two digit numbers are given to subtract, if all the digits of the larger number are greater than the digits of the smaller numbers, then there’s no regrouping required. For example, if it’s given, subtract the following numbers, (549 – 234 = 315). In this expression, the larger number’s digits are all greater than the smaller number, so this expression doesn’t require regrouping.
  • With regrouping – In some cases, some of the digits of the larger number are lesser than, the smaller number digits. In those cases, one has to do regrouping. For example (495 – 207 = 288). Here 7 is greater than 5, and one has to borrow 1 from the tens position. So 5 becomes 15, and as 1 is borrowed from the tens place 9 becomes 8, now one can subtract the digits easily and get the answer. There are plenty of 2 digit subtraction worksheets as well as 3 digit subtraction worksheets that you can download from our BYJU’S website. These worksheets will help your child to understand and develop a clear concept about regrouping in subtraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Subtraction Worksheets


What is subtraction?

Subtraction of two or more numbers is when one is asked to find what’s leftover after taking away the smaller unit from the larger unit. For example, 16 – 10 = 6; if 10 units are taken away from 16 (i.e. larger unit), then 6 is left as a result.


Is learning regrouping important?

Of course, it is very important that children have a clear understanding of how the basic operations of subtraction work. And subtraction by regrouping is an important concept that they should learn. BYJU’S provides a number of basic subtraction worksheets that parents can use for their children’s practice.

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