Comparing Ratio Worksheets

Teaching concepts like comparing ratios can be tricky, and so, you need to start from the basics. A ratio is used when measuring which quantity is more than the other. Any ratio is usually denoted as A / B, i.e. A:B form. For instance, in a class, there are 7 boys and 9 girls so the ratio of boys to girls is 7/9, i.e. 7:9. You will get several ratio worksheets on our BYJU’S website, which will help your child to strengthen their concepts. Once they develop a clear understanding of the topic, you can move on to the concept of comparing ratios.

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Comparing Ratios

Once your kid starts a higher class, he’ll have to solve comparing ratio worksheets. Comparing ratios means that when two or more ratios are given, you have to determine which is greater than the other. There are two methods for comparing ratios.

  • By LCM – One way of identifying which of the given ratios are greater than the other is by finding the LCM of the denominator. Suppose two ratios are provided; say, 2/3 and 4/9, then one has to find the LCM of 3 and 9, i.e. 9. Now divide the LCM 9 by 3 and 9 (denominators); the results will be 3 and 1, respectively. Then multiply 3 with numerator and denominator with the first ratio and 1 with the numerator and denominator of the second ratio, (2 * 3)/(3 * 3):(4 * 1)/(9 * 1). You will get 6/9 and 4/9, and since the denominator is the same, we just have to compare the numerator, i.e. 6 > 4, which means 6/9 > 4/9. Therefore, 2/3>4/9.
  • By Cross Multiplying – Another easy and most popular way to compare ratios is by cross multiplying. Suppose two ratios, 3/7 and 5/4, are given; all we have to do is multiply 3 * 4 and 5 * 7. The obtained result will be 12 and 35, respectively, which means 5/4 is the greater ratio.

These are the two primary methods by which you can help your child to learn all about comparing ratios. BYJU’S offers a large number of comparing ratios worksheets on which they can practise and is an important part of kids learning phase.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comparing Ratios


Which is the best method to use while comparing ratios?

There are two methods by which one can compare ratios, but most kids prefer the cross multiplication process. This process is a little less complicated than the LCM method, and it can be solved quickly.


Where can I get comparing ratios worksheets?

BYJU’S offers a large number and variety of comparing ratios worksheets. So you can easily search for class appropriate worksheets and start the journey of making your kid stand tall among competition.

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