Decimal Multiplication and Division Worksheet

In mathematics, both division and multiplication play essential roles. Be it word problems or simply finding out the product or the quotient, one needs to have a clear understanding of multiplication and division. Decimal multiplication and division is an important concept that should be taught to kids at a young age. It is also important for children to know the rules of decimal multiplication and division. BYJU’S offers a number of decimal multiplication and division worksheets for your kid to practise.

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How to Multiply Decimals?

Before handing out a worksheet of decimal multiplication and division to your kid, it is important that you teach them how to multiply decimals. There are two ways in which multiplication of decimals can be calculated. In the first case – if a whole number is multiplied with the decimal number, then in the product, the decimal point will be placed in accordance with the decimal point placed in the decimal number. For example, if 24 is multiplied by 0.2, then the product will be 4.8, where the decimal point is placed before one number from the right end. The decimal point is placed in the product, after counting the number of digits to the right of the decimal. In the second case, if the student is asked to multiply two decimal numbers, then the decimal point is placed from the right end of the product after counting the digits after the decimal. For example, 2.3 is multiplied by 3.2, so the result will be 7.36.

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How to Do Division in Decimals?

Division of decimals follows the same rule as that of multiplication of decimals. If you are given a whole number (dividend) to divide with a decimal number (divisor), then simply divide them as whole numbers and then place the decimal point in the quotient as per the divisor. If a student is asked to convert a whole number to two decimal places, then they can divide the whole number by 100. For example, to convert a whole number 435 into a decimal number with two decimal places, then one has to divide 435 by 100, and the result thus obtained is 4.35. It is very important to clear the decimal division concepts as it will help in the conversion of length, quantity, etc. For example, if a worksheet is provided where the student has to convert 560 centimetres into meters, then all one needs to do, is divide 560/100, so the result would be 5.6 meters.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Decimal Multiplication and Division Worksheet


Are decimal multiplication and division important concepts for kids?

Of course, it is; decimal multiplication and division is one of the basic concepts that students must know as it’ll help them in higher classes.


Where can decimal multiplication and division worksheets be found?

BYJU’S offers a large number of decimal multiplication and division worksheet pdf, which you can download and give your child to practise on.


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